Nads is one of the more popular hair removal companies when it comes to gels and creams. Their lineup often carries mixed reviews around the web, but their products for women are remarkably effective.

The company is renowned for its original hair removal gel, which is made from safe, natural ingredients. It isn’t toxic, so it definitely will not damage a person’s skin permanently. For some odd reason, the package even states that the gel is edible. Hopefully no one has the nerve to eat a gross depilatory gel.

Like most depilatory creams, the Nad’s original gel tends to sting after women apply it onto the skin. The pain only lasts for a short while, before the chemicals of the gel start to break down the protein structure of the hair. The only difference from other depilatory creams lies in the uprooting process. Women will have to uproot the hair in the same fashion as a waxing operation.

Some women have written complaints about the accompanying instructions, which claim [click to continue…]

Readers of this blog may not have heard of machines that can perform intense pulsed light hair removal at home. These devices are actually quicker and much more efficient than expensive appointments with a hair removal specialist.

There are three popular brands of machines for intense pulsed light hair removal. Shoppers should try to find the Remington i-Light first, because it lasts the longest out of all the light pulse machines.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about intense pulsed light hair removal, also known as IPL hair removal, the process is similar to that of laser hair removal. The pulse device uses light energy to damage parts of the hair follicle, so that the hair is less likely to grow back. Most devices works best on light people with dark hair, because the light texture of the skin’s melanin is less likely to absorb heat from the pulse. Unlike lasers, the intense light pulse emits a pulse of light at specific wavelengths to further reduce any possible damage to the skin.

The Remington is one of the few unisex devices that will work for both [click to continue…]

Recently, manufacturers of beauty products started advertising hair removal pads that gently caress the skin. In various infomercials, they have claimed that these mittens can remove the hair painlessly, allowing legs to become silky smooth.

In a nutshell, pads provide pain-free hair removal, but don’t expect them to ever replace other essential shavers or epilators.

There are about two brands of pads that are currently the most popular. The most reputable one, the Smooth Away hair removal pad, contains what the company calls “superfine” crystals. These tiny crystals lightly rub off hair from the follicles.

Technically, it works in a manner similar to sandpaper. By rubbing the rough surface with very little pressure, the pads removes the hair from the legs and other areas where hair growth is relatively thin. [click to continue…]

Avon is one of the leading companies in designing products for personal beauty care. Now the company has added a hair removal cream in their selection.


Although the new Skin-So-Soft hair removal cream is not an all-natural lotion, it has a much fresher scent than other competing brands.

Technically, Skin-So-Soft provides very substantial results compared to other depilatory creams. After applying a heavy amount of Skin-So-Soft body lotion, users can simply wipe the hair off with a warm, wet washcloth after only three minutes. This will especially surprise people who would normally leave the lotion on for the full 10 minutes.

The lotion also smells much milder than other hair removal products. Although it still has an artificial chemical odor, the fragrance is much more bearable than people might expect. This Skin-So-Soft selection only costs about $8 to $10, so it is probably much easier to find than other less popular brands.

Not every Avon hair removal line item is as aromatically elegant as the body lotion, however. The Skin-So-Soft Fresh & Easy facial hair removal cream has a slightly nastier alkali odor that might disgust women who prefer sweeter smells. Fortunately, the cream costs [click to continue…]

Wax Warmers to Warm the Soul

December 16, 2011

People who are inexperienced with waxing the hair off their body often have to heat the wax in the microwave before using it. Although it isn’t hard to heat it, people have a tough time keeping it warm for the entire hair removal process.

Thankfully, people can keep the wax warm in Gigi’s wax warmers, convenient electronic appliances that heat wax jars in a container.

Anyone who has ever waxed their body often knows that the entire process is somewhat painful. It becomes even more irritating if the wax cools down before a person is finished waxing. They usually have to move back to the microwave to reheat the wax. Unfortunately, moving around during a waxing session could hurt, especially if the person removed hair from a sensitive spot on his of her body.

Fortunately, Gigi’s wax warmers are convenient places to store and heat the wax while a person is waxing his or her own body. Thanks to these electronic devices, people no longer have to move back and forth between the microwave and the chair on which they are waxing. [click to continue…]

A new luxury razor promises the closest shave for any man. The big question is whether any guy is insane enough to actually purchase it.

In fact, anyone would have to wonder why Zafirro would design an over-expensive Iridium razor in the first place.

Certainly the $100,000 razor generated plenty of buzz from numerous magazines. Time magazine listed it as one of the top 50 inventions of the year for some reason. Unfortunately, the entire design is pretty disappointing. It looks like an ordinary disposable razor.

Zafirro tries to justify the high price tag by stating that the razor’s handle is made of 99.95 percent iridium, the strongest and densest functional metal on the planet. They state that iridium is derived mainly from meteorites and that it is used in rocket engine components because of its extreme durability.

It seems pretty sexy to hold a razor made from rare metals, to actually make people feel like they are shaving with highly advanced technology. Zafirro states that the blades of the shaver are made of sapphire. The company claims that the handle is hypoallergenic and impervious to oxidation and corrosion. If that wasn’t enough, the blades were sharpened using high-energy ionized particles. The blade is [click to continue…]

Hair removal products comes in all different types of machinery or products. However, very few of them use the method by which the Verseo ePen removes hair.

The Verseo ePen uses electrolysis technology to remove the hair from people’s skin, with somewhat mixed results.

As far as I’ve seen, the ePen is one of the most inexpensive electrolysis-style machines on sale. It only costs about $58. It operates in the same manner as an electrolysis treatment.

The person must first apply the conductive gel onto the area of skin that they want to remove the hair from. The gel helps the electrical current of the machine to reach the root of the hair follicle. The person can then apply the ePen onto the area. The electricity will damage the hair’s root, permanently keeping the hair from growing again.

After a person treats the area with the pen, he or she can use a tweezer pluck the hair out of the follicle. The person could also rub the hair off with his or her hands. The person the repeats the process for all the other hairs that he or she wants to [click to continue…]

Women sometimes have a tough time looking for facial hair removal methods that don’t involve conventional threading or plucking. Many of the men’s shavers were designed more for rough beards, rather than for a feminine face.

Panasonic’s Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer provides a cleaner and more painless trim job for the softer hairs on women.

Although the head trimmer may look more like a toothbrush than an actual hair removal tool, it is quite effective at trimming the thin hairs on the face. It also folds up into a comfortable pen shape, so that women can tote the device around easily. To make matters especially simple, the trimmer doesn’t need any long electric wires. It only needs one AAA battery.

The device comes with two different head attachments. The first head is suitable for delicately trimming the hairs on the side of the face. The other smaller head is specialized for the hair in the eyebrows. The trimmer also comes with [click to continue…]

Technically, facial hair removal creams are not especially groundbreaking. However, Procter & Gamble  released a brand new cream that might change people’s minds.

The Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover Duo is a safe, odorless alternative for the average person looking for an easy-to-find hair removal cream.

As some people know, hair removal creams usually consist of alkaline chemicals, such as sodium thioglycolate or strontium sulfide. These compounds break down the chemical bonds that hold the protein structure of the hair together. This allows the hair to shed itself from the follicle.

Most depilatory creams carry a nasty smell after people apply it on their body. This is because the chemical reaction between calcium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide often produces a sulfuric odor. Many depilatory (hair removing) creams come with an additional lotion to mask the smell of the depilatory agent.

Unfortunately, many of the additional lotions tend to irritate people’s skin for a few days after using them. This includes [click to continue…]

The Excellent Emjoi Epilator

September 7, 2011

People might think we’re crazy for recommending an expensive $72 epilator. However, this epilator is actually worth every penny.

The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine is one of the highest quality epilators available, as long as the person has plenty of money.

For anyone who is wondering why it is so expensive, the Emagine is one of the only epilators with 72 tweezer heads to uproot the hair. This might sound painful, but the Emjoi is equipped with its patented Glide technology. The company’s website doesn’t exactly explain what Glide is, but it refers to the complex ergonomics of the device. This allows it to glide smoothly over the skin.

The Glide technology really is as complicated as it sounds. Based on the video, the epilator integrates everything. It uses dual-opposed, rotating discs moving in opposite directions. The discs also have an unusual hexagon-edged shape that fits the shape of almost any skin surface.

If that wasn’t enough, the intricate motion of the [click to continue…]

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