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Hansen’s Problematic Wax Warmer

Gigi is the most recognizable manufacturer of wax warmers, but other companies also provide their own alternative devices. Sally Hansen recently started selling their wax warmer with results that are not nearly adequate. In fact, many users of the Sally Hansen wax warmer kit were disappointed with either the electronic device or the wax itself. […]

The All-Natural Hair Removal Wax

Shoppers who love natural products may want to look into purchasing Moom for their hair removal needs. Unlike other waxing products, Moom is completely made from natural ingredients. Although the name doesn’t seem to mean anything, Moom is a dependable brand that definitely uses all-natural ingredients. The hair removal wax consists only of chamomile, lemon […]

Wax Warmers to Warm the Soul

People who are inexperienced with waxing the hair off their body often have to heat the wax in the microwave before using it. Although it isn’t hard to heat it, people have a tough time keeping it warm for the entire hair removal process. Thankfully, people can keep the wax warm in Gigi’s wax warmers, […]

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Tips For the Bikini Line

Although many women try not to mention anything about pubic hair trimming, there are some women who really want to trim the edges of the pubic area for important reasons. A woman’s pubic area is commonly known as the bikini area. Women often ask for a bikini line trim, which removes the hair along the […]

How Is Sugaring Different From Waxing?

Although many people understand what it means to get their body hair waxed, not everyone is familiar with sugaring. Many websites have stated that sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal methods, first used in Egypt in 1900 B.C. In many ways, sugaring is very similar to waxing. Sugaring still involves removing hair from […]

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The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Some people perceive waxing as an extremely painful method of removing body hair. Perhaps the worst example is in the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” where Steve Carrell literally gets his chest hair ripped off during a waxing procedure. Although the process of waxing might seem painful, the pain tends to subside as the body gets […]

Sensitive Skin & Hair Removal

Anyone with sensitive skin knows how painful it can be to remove the unwanted hairs on the face and body. In addition to the pain, sensitive skin will often remain red and react with breakouts for hours or even days after the hair removal treatment. Taking it slow and being gentle when removing hair on […]

Hair Removal When It Comes to Pain

We all want to get rid of our unwanted hair, but not necessarily at the cost of intolerable pain. While some people will definitely take any pain to get the smooth skin that they are looking for, far from everyone is willing to undergo such unpleasantness. Luckily, there are several forms of hair removal that […]

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Laser Hair Removal vs. Waxing

Laser hair removal and waxing are two of the most common and popular hair removal methods today, and many would like to know the pros and cons of each method. Before the two methods can be compared understanding how each method works is important. The goal in laser hair removal is to permanently reduce hair. […]

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