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Hair removal at home

The Ultimate ProGlide Shaver

Gillette has always worked hard to perfect their high-quality razor lineup. Their newest upgrade, the Fusion ProGlide, is more than just a deluxe version of the Fusion. The ProGlide adds in new changes to make the excellent shaver glide even more smoothly than before. For anyone who doesn’t know the Fusion shavers well, Gillette’s brand […]

Nair Offers Dependable Hair Removing Lotion

The Nair hair removal lotion may seem like a strange concoction, considering that one version uses baby oil as ingredients. It may not replace shavers, but Nair is a safe, dependable lotion alternative. As further proof of Nair’s effectiveness, a science writer for Wired magazine decided to analyze each ingredient of the product. The lotion […]

Schick’s New Razor Doesn’t Need Lather

Manufacturers of women’s razors often have trouble differentiating their products from the myriad of competing razors. Schick found a unique way to level the competition by adding a shaving cream bar next to the blade on its new . People may wonder how Schick’s product works. The Intuition is a four-blade razor that actually layers […]

Nads Supplies Dependable Depilatory Gels

Nads is one of the more popular hair removal companies when it comes to gels and creams. Their lineup often carries mixed reviews around the web, but their products for women are remarkably effective. The company is renowned for its original hair removal gel, which is made from safe, natural ingredients. It isn’t toxic, so […]

Failures in Mitt Hair Removal

Recently, manufacturers of beauty products started advertising hair removal pads that gently caress the skin. In various infomercials, they have claimed that these mittens can remove the hair painlessly, allowing legs to become silky smooth. In a nutshell, pads provide pain-free hair removal, but don’t expect them to ever replace other essential shavers or epilators. […]

Avon Succeeds in Hair Removal Venture

Avon is one of the leading companies in designing products for personal beauty care. Now the company has added a hair removal cream in their selection.   Although the new Skin-So-Soft hair removal cream is not an all-natural lotion, it has a much fresher scent than other competing brands. Technically, Skin-So-Soft provides very substantial results […]

Iridium Shaver Not Worth the High Price

A new luxury razor promises the closest shave for any man. The big question is whether any guy is insane enough to actually purchase it. In fact, anyone would have to wonder why Zafirro would design an over-expensive Iridium razor in the first place. Certainly the $100,000 razor generated plenty of buzz from numerous magazines. […]

Frustrating Problems With the Verseo ePen

Hair removal products comes in all different types of machinery or products. However, very few of them use the method by which the Verseo ePen removes hair. The Verseo ePen uses electrolysis technology to remove the hair from people’s skin, with somewhat mixed results. As far as I’ve seen, the ePen is one of the […]

The Excellent Emjoi Epilator

People might think we’re crazy for recommending an expensive $72 epilator. However, this epilator is actually worth every penny. The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine is one of the highest quality epilators available, as long as the person has plenty of money. For anyone who is wondering why it is so expensive, the Emagine is one of […]

The Science Behind the Design of a Razor

The disposable razor might look like a simple piece of plastic with a hoe-shaped blade attached to it. However, the safety razor has had a long history of changes that helped to make it more popular than the straight razor. Some people would claim that the development of the safety razor began with King Camp […]

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