Nair Offers Dependable Hair Removing Lotion

February 9, 2012 in Hair removal at home

The Nair hair removal lotion may seem like a strange concoction, considering that one version uses baby oil as ingredients. It may not replace shavers, but Nair is a safe, dependable lotion alternative.

As further proof of Nair’s effectiveness, a science writer for Wired magazine decided to analyze each ingredient of the product. The lotion primarily uses potassium thioglycolate, a sulfur-hydrogen atom group that eats away at a skin and hair protein called keratin.

The liquid also contains calcium hydroxide to destroy the keratin proteins in the hair follicles at their weakest point. This substance attacks into the shaft, where the hair sprouts from the root. Manufacturers of earlier hair removal products previously used sodium hydroxide, until they received complaints that the chemical causes terrible burns on the skin. Thankfully, calcium hydroxide is a much safer alternative.

Many of the other components of Nair’s product include chemicals to repair the skin after the hair proteins are removed. Lanolin is a oily glandular substance that compensates for all the fats removed by the hydroxide. Cetearyl alcohol and aloe barbadensis also help to moisturize and soften the skin. The mineral oil, often known as baby oil, is the last of the moisturizers.

The skin-repairing chemicals outnumber the hair removal components. This shows that manufacturers need to take every step necessary to prevent burns in the dermis. Although this may reduce some of the capabilities of the product as a hair removal agent, it keeps people from suffering from major stinging pain.

Most users agree that Nair is an excellent hair removal agent. The lotion keeps the hair from growing for a quite a few days. Although Nair’s effects are not as smooth as a close shave, it is much more reliable than other competing brands.

For instance, Sally Hansen’s Spray-On Shower-Off hair remover hardly even removes hair on the legs. Veet’s Suprem’ Essence Hair Removal Gel Cream works reasonably well, but the final surface has a slightly hairy stubble on it. Nair is the most effective out of the three brands

With all that said, Nair is not for everyone. Even with a well thought-out chemical formula, Nair could still cause burns on some people’s skins. The manufacturer warns that users should patch test Nair on a small portion of skin. On the FAQ web page for this depilatory agent, Nair states that body chemistry can change. A harmful reaction could occur, even if someone has used the lotion before.

As a lotion, though, it is probably less painful than using wax to rip off the hair. The cream also does not require the precision of a tweezer or a threader, because all the depilating elements are in the chemicals of the ingredients. It also comes in a variety of fragrances and formulas for the bikini line or for the face.

Nair is a brand that people can rely on for hair removal at home. It certainly is not the best hair removal product that will permanently stop hair growth. However, it is a welcome alternative to waxes or other removal methods.

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