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May 17, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Unless you’re French or the Grateful Dead’s number one fan, there’s no reason for you to let your bodily hair growth become excessive. Men speak of “forests” and “thorn bushes” inhibiting their appreciation for the female form, and likewise, women don’t want to rub their face against a scruffy, scraggly looking yet otherwise handsome face. Henceforth, since the dawn of time, humans have created and executed various hair removal techniques.

Almost all of us incorporate some sort of hair removal into our grooming regimen. Soft, smooth skin is not just preferred these days; it can be downright necessary. I have many girlfriends that won’t allow their boyfriends/husbands to grow beards and insist that they wax their backs. Conversely, I’ve dated men that have requested I shave my legs and bikini line before being intimate! And so for years, I put countless hours and dollars into achieving the fleeting sensation of being hairless… that is, until I sought out a more aggressive form of hair removal.

If you have spent thousands of dollars visiting the local spa for a monthly waxing, you might be ready to consider more effective methods like laser hair removal, electrolysis or Intense Pulsed Light. The long-term savings will be substantial!

The permanent removal and prolonged hair reduction methods have all sorts of advantages over temporary removal techniques, all of which is covered in this FREE ebook provided to you by So download it now and educated yourself on all the different facets of hair removal at your disposal!


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