Laser Hair Removal as a Lunch Time Procedure?

May 17, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a popular hair removal method that can efficiently remove unsightly hair almost anywhere on the face and body. Many women, but also men, seek laser hair removal treatments to battle and hopefully get rid of unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal combines two important factors, the possibility of permanently reducing hairs, as well as speed and efficiency. These two factors are what make laser hair removal attractive to all of those who are tired of dealing with unwanted hair.

Due to lack of time, many people wonder if they can get laser hair removal treatments during their lunch break and thanks to fast and efficient laser machines the vast majority of clinics would absolutely be able to provide this. In fact, some laser hair removal clinics even promote the treatment as a lunch time procedure. Laser hair removal is indeed so fast that in can easily be done under one hour. Laser hair removal is faster than ever and perfect for professionals who are always crunched for time. The reason why the procedure is faster is because machines are getting better.

With ongoing improvements and advancements within the laser hair removal field, newer, better and more efficient machines are constantly being introduced to the market. In terms of efficiency, the main difference between today’s fast machines and older, slower machines is that the devices are designed differently with newer machines having larger nozzle heads which can cover more skin and that way more hairs with each laser pulse.


Those interested in laser hair removal should not expect to spend a whole day, or even a few hours, in the practitioner’s office. A laser hair removal is surprisingly quick, even on larger areas of the body such as the back or both legs. These larger body areas used to take up to one hour, but can now comfortably be treated in 20-30 minutes or less. Facial areas, the bikini line or the under arms are even quicker and rarely take more than a few minutes. Finding a reputable laser hair removal clinic close to one’s work place is a must in order to get it done under one hour, but while proximity is important so is quality.

Any clinic that promotes laser hair removal should have licensed experienced practitioners willing to explain how the process works answer any questions and even perform a “patch test” to see how your skin responds to the laser. The client needs to agree to a set of pre and post treatment instructions, and a series of treatments will be needed all depending on individual factors. Even if multiple treatments are required to permanently reduce the hairs, each treatment takes minimal time and the client will be able to move on to other activities in no time.

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