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Hair removal for men

The Service for True Shaving Addicts

Very few shaving companies have ever created a viral ad aired by many major news networks. The Dollar Shave Club did just that, with a mail order deal that could blow every man’s socks off. However, the online club could put a dent in people’s budget with deals that are too good to be true. […]

Braun’s Best Shaver Redefines Shaving Excellence

No one wants to pay for a $200 shaver unless they get their money’s worth. Thankfully, Braun’s top-of-the-line electric razor delivers everything imaginable. The Braun Series 7 790cc has long battery life and close shaving performance that gives big spenders what they deserve. The price of the 790cc is more likely to scare people from […]

Differences Between Women’s and Men’s Shavers

Men’s shavers are reputable for their clean, close cut on facial hair. Women’s shavers, on the other hand, are designed in a slightly different fashion. Women’s shavers cannot shave as closely as the men’s counterpart, but they provide plenty of gender-specific features for a gentler feel. Before anyone argues about which type of shaver is […]

Advice for Shopping for a Straight-Edge

A straight-edge razor is a valuable blade for men who want smooth faces, but they may not know which ones to buy. Believe it or not, old vintage models are the very best models of these shavers. Although most people wouldn’t bother with old relics, most straight-edge razors generally last much longer than convention razors. […]

The Simple Basics of a Straight Edge Shave

A straight razor shave may seem like a dangerous task for men who want to use it at home. However, the procedure actually isn’t as dangerous as it seems. In fact, numerous websites and reports show that a straight-edge razor is a very simple tool to use. A barber from The Art of Shaving shop […]

Removing Moustaches With a Spring

Some hair removal products are more notable for their unusual, unconventional designs. One of the most bizarre hair threaders for women uses a long, U-shaped spring. The R.E.M. spring sprong can effectively remove hair on the upper lip, but only if women research the proper way to use it. The spring sprong removes hair in […]

Barbershops offer close shaves

Although electric shavers and disposable razors are very efficient and inexpensive, none of them can match the close precision of a wet shave at the barbershop. People have to purchase a wet shave just to experience it for themselves. The barber uses a remarkable set of tools to make the face feel as bare as […]

Men’s Shaving Made Easy With Bodygroomer Pro

Although there is a wide range of various shavers for women, shavers for men are often limited to the standard face shaver. There aren’t many shavers tailored to handle every type of men’s body hair. Thankfully, Phillips Norelco’s new shaver may usher in a new age of shavers for men. The Norelco Bodygroom Pro is […]

Shaving Heads with the Headblade

When men are shaving the hair off their body, they might also want to shave their heads as well. In that case, they could consider using a unique new product known as the Headblade. There isn’t anything especially earth-shattering about the design. It is pretty much just a razor blade shaver on wheels. However, the […]

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Why Men Would Want Hair Removal

Although men don’t typically talk about removing their own body hair, it’s becoming a growing trend among today’s professional athletes and celebrities. Movie actors like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio leave their chests spotless in front of the camera for that extra sex appeal. The R&B singer D’Angelo especially turned up the heat when he […]

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