Why Men Would Want Hair Removal

May 25, 2011 in Hair removal for men

Although men don’t typically talk about removing their own body hair, it’s becoming a growing trend among today’s professional athletes and celebrities.

Movie actors like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio leave their chests spotless in front of the camera for that extra sex appeal. The R&B singer D’Angelo especially turned up the heat when he showed off his smooth, hairless body in a music video. The smooth-skin look is enough to make any woman hunger for more.

Athletes also shave the hair from their bodies, but for entirely different reasons. Professional swimmers often shave their bodies in order to reduce the amount of hydrodynamic drag resistance caused by the hair. This allows swimmers to move more fluidly through water. A hairless body might have helped Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps win eight gold medals.

Of course, this probably wasn’t the only reason why Phelps won so many gold medals. Still, any woman would have to admit that his muscular body looks really sleek and sexy in the water without all the hair.

Cyclists keep their legs hairless for slightly different reasons. If cyclists crash, the hair on their legs grabs more asphalt, causing the skin to tear more severely. Also, road injuries are also much easier to clean and bandage with no hair around the wound.

Some cyclists believe that bare legs can move more quickly without all the hair to slow them down. Although most cyclists agree that hair doesn’t really affect the speed of their movement, it often helps many cyclists blend in with their hairless colleagues. A whole crowd of bare-legged cyclers could potentially intimidate any other miserable hairy opponents.

Men shouldn’t feel ashamed to deforest their bodies. After all, the earliest bodybuilders of the 1920s kept their bodies spotless so that they could show off every single bulky muscle on their body. Charles Atlus was one of the most famous bodybuilders who modeled his entire spotless body on video for everyone to admire.

Although it’s not an easy decision for men to remove hair on their body, there are plenty of areas which men typically want to keep clear of hair. Many men don’t like to wear a unibrow in public. Other people simply don’t want their eyebrows to look as thick as Bert’s in Sesame Street.

Other guys really don’t like the hairy chest look, because it makes them look too much like an ape. Actor Mike Myer’s hairy chest might have looked good in Austin Powers, but the hair made him look even more embarrassing during his romantic scenes.

Thankfully, men have plenty of hair removal techniques at their disposal if they are looking to chop down the jungle on their bodies. They could easily shave the hair off or wax it off. They could even pay extra money for an electrolysis operation or a laser hair removal session.

The procedures might seem dangerous at first. Fortunately, as long as people understand the pros and cons of each hair removal procedure, they can find the method that works best for them.

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