Can I Use Numbing Cream Before Laser Hair Removal?

May 21, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

To many women, removing unwanted hair is just another part of their grooming regimen, but the pain associated with hair removal can be dulled. Those who know of laser hair removal are also probably aware of the discomfort, or the pain involved. A few years ago, laser hair removal treatments could sometimes result in agony, but things have changed. In fact, laser hair removal in terms of comfort has improved tremendously, as developers and practitioners are constantly taking new steps to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. That being said, laser hair removal can still cause slight discomfort and many people are wonder if they should request numbing cream prior to treatment.

Numbing cream is not a necessity in order to undergo treatments, and it is fully possible to receive treatments without it with minimal discomfort as long. Many clinics also have alternative tools that will help to ease the discomfort. A device on some lasers blow ice-cold air on the skin either before or during the laser hair removal treatment, making the skin a little numb and much less sensitive to the laser.

The reason why laser hair removal treatments can cause discomfort to begin with is because the laser device produces a high degree of heat energy while in operation. This heat is what destroys the hair follicles, but as the laser device is placed against the skin, even if only for a second, it will most likely cause a quick but intense, slightly burning sensation.

It is important to ask the laser hair removal practitioner to provide the numbing cream if possible. Buying some random numbing cream and applying it prior to the session without checking with the clinic is not recommended. Many laser hair removal practitioners carry their own preferred brand of numbing cream that they approve of and even recommend, for those who are concerned about the discomfort. There are medication contraindications that must be discontinued prior to laser hair removal, so always check with the practitioner first. This is because anything that will make the skin more sensitive must be avoided before laser treatments, in order to spare the skin from additional irritation.


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