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May 19, 2011 in Lists

Today’s post is a slight departure from our usual topics, but is nevertheless an extremely important topic that all women (and yes, men too) should be giving attention to. Your skin’s appearance is a representation of your over all health, and as such, protecting it should be part of your daily regimen. From occasional moisturizers to daily anti-aging creams, finding the right skin care product for your skin type will ensure your skin retains its beautiful, youthful glow! So check out these awesome sites (in no particular order) that I frequent to stay up to date for my skin care needs!



Katie’s Beauty Blog — Katie S. of London, England blogs on anything from fashion to product reviews (and even books her favorite books) with stunning insight. Having sensitive skin herself, she prefers products that are sodium lauryl sulfate and paraben free. You can rely on her for fair and thorough reviews! Example review

Hello Beauty! — This blog offers awesome in-depth reviews of various beauty products, but I especially enjoy her reviews of skin products that make bold claims. She presents the evidence through photos so that her assertions leave no room for doubt! Example review

Prime Beauty — This blog offers beauty advice to women in their prime (40+) and its author, Cindy, does an amazing job of reviewing many products in an objective and interesting fashion! If you’re in your prime, then you can’t pass up this site! Example review

Confessions of a Beautyholic — This site offers straight forward, no nonsense approaches to reviews and recommendations accompanied by highly detailed photographs.  Beautyholic’s reviews are definitely worth reading before trying a new or unfamiliar product. Example review

Pammy Blogs Beauty — You can tell Pammy puts thought into her posts. Her reviews are very thorough, covering everything from how your skin will look to how it smells and information on the ingredients. Highly recommended! Example review

Natural Beauty — This site reviews only all-natural beauty products, rating them on their own five “leaf” system. They also list customer reviews and reviews from Amazon when applicable. Example review

Beautiful with Brains — This blog is maintained by Giorgia, a 20-something European that has impeccable taste! In her reviews, she incorporates what she’s actually looking for in a product and not just what it does. I could spend days on her site! Example review

Ohh… Pretty! — This girl’s got it going on! Not only do I love her reviews, but I love site’s layout… can you say “Ohh… Pretty!” Definitely a site to bookmark and frequent! Example review

So Loverly — Two awesome ladies, Kahani and Syen, blog about their favorite products with a light heart and a great sense of humor. They just celebrated their third year as a blog and are well on their way to glitz and glamour. Here’s to another awesome three years, ladies! Example review

Skin Deco This site is run by Connie who resides in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She’s got a knack for discovering new products that could delight any girl and work wonders for your skin. Definitely stay up on her postings — they can help your skin dramatically! Example review

FutureDerm — Last but not least, if you want a completely objective and scientific review of a skin product then check out this site. It’s run by Nicki, a 26-year-old Dermatologist in training. She uses her current education and training as a basis for evaluating the effectiveness of skin products. A must-read site! Example review

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