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Laser hair removal

Flash and Go Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is often too expensive for the average, everyday shopper. While the Silk’n Flash and Go may not sway their opinion too greatly, it is a very attractive product. The Flash and Go’s compact size and higher number of pulses makes it an excellent improvement over previous at-home iterations. The price for an […]

Laser Hair Removal for Dark-Skinned People

Although laser hair removal is fairly popular because its precision in removing hair, the procedure could become difficult if a person’s skin is dark. Before anyone gets the idea that this is racial discrimination, consider how the laser could dramatically affect the pigment of the skin. If the person’s skin has a dark pigment, the […]

The Dangers of Home Laser Hair Removal

Many websites praise the benefits of home laser hair removal systems, but few of them ever mention the dangers of using one. There is always a potential risk of injury when people are using a laser. The permanent side effect of a laser is certainly nothing to joke about. The laser can burn the skin […]

Using the Fitzpatrick Skin Chart for Laser Hair Removal

There are many different types of lasers available for hair removal, but people sometimes have trouble deciding which laser is best for the texture of their skin. Thankfully, patients can figure out their skin type through the Fitzpatrick skin chart. This classification system was developed by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, MD, PhD of Harvard Medical School […]

Hair Removal Methods for the Legs

With summer around the corner, and many women planning to wear shorts, skirts and dresses all season long, hair removal on the legs is extremely important. Hairy legs are to most women unacceptable, and they go to great lengths to remove this growth. But legs are long, and one of the biggest and most time […]

Can I Use Numbing Cream Before Laser Hair Removal?

To many women, removing unwanted hair is just another part of their grooming regimen, but the pain associated with hair removal can be dulled. Those who know of laser hair removal are also probably aware of the discomfort, or the pain involved. A few years ago, laser hair removal treatments could sometimes result in agony, […]

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Laser Hair Removal as a Lunch Time Procedure?

Laser hair removal is a popular hair removal method that can efficiently remove unsightly hair almost anywhere on the face and body. Many women, but also men, seek laser hair removal treatments to battle and hopefully get rid of unwanted hairs. Laser hair removal combines two important factors, the possibility of permanently reducing hairs, as […]

Laser Hair Removal Results After The First Treatment?

Rarely do cosmetic procedures yield dramatic results with a single treatment, which is why multiple treatments are usually needed and recommended in order to yield noticeable and lasting results. Laser hair removal definitely belongs to this type of treatments. While laser hair removal can certainly be credited with leaving the skin smooth and hair free […]

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How Long Should The Hair Be For Laser Hair Removal?

Individuals who consider laser hair removal as their choice for removing unwanted hair usually have many thoughts and questions that they’d like to have answered. Knowing exactly what the laser hair removal practitioner considers best in regards to the treatment, and sticking to that, will undoubtedly lead to best results. One question that many prospective […]

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Tweezing vs. Laser for Facial Hair Removal

Some facial hair can is to be expected, like the hair that forms our eyebrows and gives us our facial structure. But unwanted facial hair can be very unappealing, or in other words, extremely unpleasant, and the desire to find a suitable hair removal method can be strong, to say the least. Women are more […]

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