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Hair removal creams

Avon Succeeds in Hair Removal Venture

Avon is one of the leading companies in designing products for personal beauty care. Now the company has added a hair removal cream in their selection.   Although the new Skin-So-Soft hair removal cream is not an all-natural lotion, it has a much fresher scent than other competing brands. Technically, Skin-So-Soft provides very substantial results […]

Olay’s New Cream Removes Hair Without Irritation

Technically, facial hair removal creams are not especially groundbreaking. However, Procter & Gamble  released a brand new cream that might change people’s minds. The Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover Duo is a safe, odorless alternative for the average person looking for an easy-to-find hair removal cream. As some people know, hair removal creams usually […]

Removing Hair with an Epilation Device

Epilators are very effective electronic tools for women that can remove hair for a much longer period than shavers. However, many people are more acquainted with their electric shaver than they are with an epilator. Unlike a shaver, which cuts the hairs off with razor blades, the epilator is a device that uses an electronic […]

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