Removing Hair with an Epilation Device

June 3, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Hair removal creams

Epilators are very effective electronic tools for women that can remove hair for a much longer period than shavers. However, many people are more acquainted with their electric shaver than they are with an epilator.

Unlike a shaver, which cuts the hairs off with razor blades, the epilator is a device that uses an electronic current to destroy the hair root at the bottom of the follicle. After it destroys the root, tweezers pull the loose hairs out of the skin.

Although it seems similar to the hair removal procedure with electric tweezers, the epilator is much quicker. Rather than using an electric current to destroy each individual root, this device uses a head with many tweezers to mechanically pull multiple hairs off of the skin. It is a much simpler procedure that takes less time and effort.

The epilator can pull out larger tufts of hair at a fast speed, making it very suitable for uprooting the armpits and the bikini line. It cannot permanently remove hair in the same manner as the electrical tweezers. However, the hair doesn’t grow back nearly as quickly as it would if it were cut with an electric shaver.

Epilators are available in corded- or battery-operated forms. They were first introduced in 1986 in Israel as the Epilady.

The design has changed significantly in the last 25 years. There are now two different types of epilators that are popular. The first type of epilator uses rotary cylinders with pivotal axes to pull hair out of the skin like a tweezer.

The second type was introduced in 1996, known as the “Discrette.” This model uses a head with multiple discs to quickly pluck the hair out. Both types are effective at thoroughly removing hair from the skin.

People have reported that the first day of using an epilator is slightly painful, but they usually feel less pain as they use it more often. However, it is probably best to talk to a doctor before using an epilator. An epilator could burn the skin and could irritate the skin and cause itching.

Try not mix up epilation with depilation, which only removes the hair above the surface of the skin. Methods of depilation include shaving and trimming. These methods tend to only remove hair for a short amount of time.

There are also ways to chemically depilate hair from the skin, by using creams with calcium thioglycolate. Unfortunately, these methods only keep hair from growing for two to three days. This method also can cause allergies and it can irritate the skin for some people.
Thankfully, chemical depilatories are much cheaper than many other hair removal methods, such as using a laser. Shoppers should take care to choose the brand carefully, so that they can optimize their results.

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