Avon Succeeds in Hair Removal Venture

January 12, 2012 in Hair removal creams,Hair removal at home

Avon is one of the leading companies in designing products for personal beauty care. Now the company has added a hair removal cream in their selection.


Although the new Skin-So-Soft hair removal cream is not an all-natural lotion, it has a much fresher scent than other competing brands.

Technically, Skin-So-Soft provides very substantial results compared to other depilatory creams. After applying a heavy amount of Skin-So-Soft body lotion, users can simply wipe the hair off with a warm, wet washcloth after only three minutes. This will especially surprise people who would normally leave the lotion on for the full 10 minutes.

The lotion also smells much milder than other hair removal products. Although it still has an artificial chemical odor, the fragrance is much more bearable than people might expect. This Skin-So-Soft selection only costs about $8 to $10, so it is probably much easier to find than other less popular brands.

Not every Avon hair removal line item is as aromatically elegant as the body lotion, however. The Skin-So-Soft Fresh & Easy facial hair removal cream has a slightly nastier alkali odor that might disgust women who prefer sweeter smells. Fortunately, the cream costs only $5. Women can simply try it for themselves without having to empty their entire wallets.


The facial cream also creates quicker results than the body lotion. One woman who tested the cream reported that the product could remove hair in only two minutes and three seconds. Other testers removed their facial hair nearly as quickly as this woman. Hands down, this is a special cream that anyone would want to keep in their medicine cabinet to remove obnoxious mustaches and other bothersome facial hair growths.

Avon’s Skin-So-Soft brand has gained a strange reputation for the alternative uses of its beauty products. For instance, some people have used the lotion as a mosquito repellant. Others have applied it on sink faucets to remove hard water stains.

No one has reported on any particular secondary uses for Skin-So-Soft hair removal lotions and creams. However, most people would probably only use Avon’s products for their intended purpose in the first place, to remove hair.

People may want to steer clear from one particular Skin-So-Soft item that claims to reduce the rate of hair growth. The Fresh & Smooth hair minimizing antiperspirant deodorant doesn’t provide substantial measurable results. The deodorant makes hair much softer. It smells fresh and clean. However, it doesn’t exactly minimize hair growth.

Avon’s hair removal lotion and facial hair removal cream are remarkable products though. Both of these products are available at low prices on amazon.com and various other stores. Both of them also smell better than many other depilatory creams and lotions. People shouldn’t have any reason not to try out Avon’s Skin-So-Soft lineup at least once.

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