Wax Warmers to Warm the Soul

December 16, 2011 in Waxing

People who are inexperienced with waxing the hair off their body often have to heat the wax in the microwave before using it. Although it isn’t hard to heat it, people have a tough time keeping it warm for the entire hair removal process.

Thankfully, people can keep the wax warm in Gigi’s wax warmers, convenient electronic appliances that heat wax jars in a container.

Anyone who has ever waxed their body often knows that the entire process is somewhat painful. It becomes even more irritating if the wax cools down before a person is finished waxing. They usually have to move back to the microwave to reheat the wax. Unfortunately, moving around during a waxing session could hurt, especially if the person removed hair from a sensitive spot on his of her body.

Fortunately, Gigi’s wax warmers are convenient places to store and heat the wax while a person is waxing his or her own body. Thanks to these electronic devices, people no longer have to move back and forth between the microwave and the chair on which they are waxing.

Although wax warmers seem like dangerous laboratory devices, they are easy to use. A first-time user should first place the tub or jar of hair removal wax inside the wax warmer container. After plugging in the warmer, he or she can then adjust it to the desired temperature.

Keep in mind that the wax could become extremely hot if the heat is turned up too high. Allow time for the wax to cool before applying it onto skin. After the person deems it safe to apply the wax onto the skin, he or she can then set the temperature level to low, in order to keep the wax at a warm temperature.

Gigi has many different types of wax warmers available. If a person would like a standard model without any special features, he or she should buy the all-purpose model for about $25.

There is also a space-saver warmer for $17, which saves one inch of space in either dimension. However, the space-saver only has an on-off switch. It doesn’t have a slider to change the heat level. Customers should instead choose the all-purpose model for its adjustable heat slider, because it is the safest way to keep the wax at a low temperature while they are waxing themselves.

If anyone wants to remove a lot of hair from their skin in one session, that person could purchase Gigi’s double wax warmer for $93 at amazon.com. Although this model costs much more than the all-purpose warmer, it is worth buying because it has two containers with adjustable heat settings. This unique design allows people to keep one container at a lower heat setting, to make face waxing much more comfortable.

The biggest wax warmer is Gigi’s Soy Deluxe Wax Warmer, a huge bowl which can hold up to 64 ounces of wax. The warmer also has a thermostat which can control the temperature of the wax. Keep in mind that this model is the most expensive, costing about $130 on amazon.com.

Gigi’s lineup consists of high-quality wax warmers. People could also look for other brands. In most cases, though, Gigi’s all-purpose wax warmer is the best value for everyone. It’s hard to go wrong with a company that specializes in special waxing devices.

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