How Long Should The Hair Be For Laser Hair Removal?

May 9, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

Individuals who consider laser hair removal as their choice for removing unwanted hair usually have many thoughts and questions that they’d like to have answered. Knowing exactly what the laser hair removal practitioner considers best in regards to the treatment, and sticking to that, will undoubtedly lead to best results. One question that many prospective laser hair removal clients have is how long the hair needs to be before the first treatment, and whether it can or should be removed prior to.

The very first thing that needs to be taken into consideration by anyone who considers laser hair removal is that there is no rule or policy that applies to every single clinic that performs this treatment. Each and every laser hair removal clinic creates their own set of protocols, and how long the hair needs to be is ultimately the opinion and preference of the practitioner who will be performing the treatments. This means that the client should either ask during the consultation what the policy regarding hair length is, or call and find out before the first session.

When it comes to laser hair removal it is important to find out what the policy is, because this can affect the planned treatment schedule. Removing hairs by the root, such as by plucking or waxing, is not allowed, because if there is no hair in place, it can’t be treated. Many laser hair removal practitioners will allow shaving because even if the client shaves the hair, the root of the hair remains and can be treated.


So the question on how long the hair should be before laser hair removal essentially needs to be answered by the practitioner who will be performing the treatments. Some practitioners want to see the hair in order to examine its color, thickness and texture, while others will be fine with just seeing the stubble. Seeing the hair can influence the practitioner in their choice of laser machine and/or setting to be used, but again, this is usually not an absolute must. Many practitioners understands that most people do not want to grow their hairs out, especially those who often find themselves in intimate situations, so shaving is usually allowed and sometimes even recommended. The reason why it may be recommended is because the practitioner would shave it off themselves anyways right before they go off with the laser device.

Unwanted hair that causes embarrassment can often be removed before the first laser hair removal session, but it becomes a matter of how it is removed. Again, pulling hairs out by the root is definitely not allowed, but many practitioners do allow shaving. Finding out what the practitioner in question believes is appropriate is a must. Asking the practitioner during the consultation or anytime before the first session is probably the best way to get more details.

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