The Dangers of Home Laser Hair Removal

July 2, 2011 in Laser hair removal,Hair removal at home

Many websites praise the benefits of home laser hair removal systems, but few of them ever mention the dangers of using one. There is always a potential risk of injury when people are using a laser.

The permanent side effect of a laser is certainly nothing to joke about. The laser can burn the skin if the color of the skin is dark enough. Normally, the laser would only hit the hair. However, dark skin has the greater tendency to absorb the light from the laser and convert it into heat energy. Thus, darker-skinned people may want to stay away from most lasers, to keep their skin safe.

Laser energy can also damage a person’s sight. This isn’t the type of harmless laser that is often used in business presentations. Lasers such as the DM 5000 have the power to emit 5,000 milliwatts of energy in every pulse and although this doesn’t seem like much, it could cause serious damage to the eye if someone is not careful. ¬†As one can see, a home laser could cause permanent damage or blindness if used improperly.

Almost all of the home lasers are equipped with a skin contact sensor, to keep them from inadvertently shooting someone in the eye. That doesn’t make them any less dangerous to use on the face. In fact, every home laser manual recommends to not use the laser to remove facial hair. Although this has been done, people should save themselves the possible pain and agony by not using it on the face.

Some of the more powerful lasers are not approved by the FDA because the power of the laser is more likely to cause severe burns or blindness. That’s not to say that home lasers are an absolute threat to society as we know it. On the contrary, home lasers are generally harmless as long as people take the proper precautions.

For instance, lasers such as the Silk’n Sens Epil are very simple for anyone to use as long as people are willing to set aside 45 minutes of their time. The pain from using a laser is more like a simple rubber band slap on the skin. People should initially set the strength of the laser to the lowest level, so that they can adjust to the energy of the laser.

Once people get used to the pain, they can efficiently remove hair, so that it will never grow back again. People may have to use it two or three times, because the hair growth cells haven’t been damaged to the point where it will stop regenerating hair. After those times, the skin should stay fresh and smooth.

Keep in mind that permanent hair removal has a downside as well. People should be absolutely sure that they want to remove the hair from whatever body part they want to remove it. There are many reasons why the hair is there in the first place. Sometimes the laser has a chance of reddening the skin, making it look shocking to other people. If anyone is uncertain whether permanent hair removal is right for them, they should consult a doctor or try out a temporary method of hair removal.

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