Tips For the Bikini Line

June 29, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Waxing

Although many women try not to mention anything about pubic hair trimming, there are some women who really want to trim the edges of the pubic area for important reasons.

A woman’s pubic area is commonly known as the bikini area. Women often ask for a bikini line trim, which removes the hair along the edges of the bikini area. Some women feel that the hair along the edges look unsightly and somewhat embarrassing with a bikini on. Thus, they usually look for a method to remove those unwanted hairs.

It’s not always easy to trim the “bush” without complications. Although the frequency of health problems caused by bikini line trimming varies from person to person, many experts and websites recommend women to hold back on pubic hair trimming. This is because the bikini area is one of the most sensitive parts of the body.

For instance, there is always the possibility that the pubic area could get infected. Shaving could also cause bumps or razor burns. It could also cause ingrown hairs to grow inside the skin, causing irritation.

In worst-case scenarios, shaving could damage the hair follicles and cause folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the skin. In most cases of folliculitis, the follicles eventually get infected by staphyloccocus bacteria, which could cause a variety of other diseases.

Thankfully, most bikini area-trimming devices on the market these days are designed to be precise and gentle on sensitive skin. These include shavers from companies such as Gillette and Phillips.

There are still a few precautions that women could take to prevent any dangerous bacteria from infecting the body. They could start by gently exfoliating the skin with a washcloth in a cold shower. Avoid hot baths or showers, because hot water could irritate the pores and could cause bumps to form.

Also, women should try their best not to perform surgery on their own bumps or ingrown hairs. This could actually infect the bumps and could create a nasty-looking scar. Last of all, refrain from any exercise workouts or wearing tight clothing immediately after shaving. Doing this may only irritate the skin even more.

Many women may feel the temptation to chip down the entire ugly bush for good by using a shaver or an epilator. However, they should first consider whether they will appreciate the change years later. Clothes may actually hurt the skin down below even more, because the hair has disappeared. Thus, the hair isn’t around to cushion the skin from the clothes anymore, causing more pain in the groin area.

Other people might even want to go the distance by permantly removing the hair through waxing and other longer-lasting procedures. Please try to think through this before testing fate with a bikini wax. There are many good reasons why the hair is down there in the first place.

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