How Is Sugaring Different From Waxing?

June 14, 2011 in Waxing

Although many people understand what it means to get their body hair waxed, not everyone is familiar with sugaring. Many websites have stated that sugaring is one of the oldest hair removal methods, first used in Egypt in 1900 B.C.

In many ways, sugaring is very similar to waxing. Sugaring still involves removing hair from the roots by using a topical paste or gel. However, the procedure uses all-natural ingredients.

Sugaring typically uses a mixture of sugar, honey, lemon juice and water. Unlike waxing, the ingredients for sugaring are water-soluble, so people can easily clean it off with a shower.

There are two types of sugaring mixtures. The traditional form of sugaring uses a warm, thick paste. The practitioner first molds the sugar paste onto the skin in the opposite direction at which the hair is growing. The sugar seeps inside the hair follicles and wraps around the hair shaft. The person can then flick the sugar paste off to gently remove the hair from the body in the direction of growth.

The other form of sugaring uses a sugar gel. Unlike the paste, the gel is applied in the direction of hair growth. The gel is then removed in the opposite direction.

Both forms are literally much easier to pull off. Because sugaring uses natural ingredients, it isn’t as painful as waxing. The gel or the paste will not remain stuck on the skin. Thus, people are less likely to experience skin irritation, bumps or bleeding.

The entire process also progresses more quickly than if the skin was waxed. Waxing proceeds at one segment at a time, because the wax can quickly dry out if it is left out in the open air for too long.

In comparison, sugaring can remove large amounts of hair because practitioners don’t have to worry about the paste or the gel drying out. Thus, they can apply it to a wider surface area on the body. With a couple of sugar paste flicks, people can easily tame the forest on their bodies.

Patients may have a tough time finding people who are experienced in using sugar paste. Unfortunately, many salons use a wax with sugar mixed into it. This is not the same as getting hair removed by sugaring. If a salon practitioner is not experienced at practicing sugaring, the skin could turn extremely red and full of scabs.

People should not get discouraged, though. Sugaring is much healthier for the skin. Unlike waxing, sugar can be applied to the skin twice without harming it. Although sugaring is a little more expensive than waxing, it is much safer and quicker.

There are also plenty of sugaring pastes that anyone can easily use at home. Many of them are available for $10 to $40, but people can easily make their own sugaring formula at home if they find a reliable recipe with the proper ingredients.

Keep in mind that it is very difficult to whip up a sugar paste with just the right consistency. It may take a couple tries before people come up with the best mixture of paste. People should be sure to treat the skin with corn starch before applying the sugar paste. This will clean off any excess oil from the skin.

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