The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Bikini Waxing

June 11, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Waxing

Some people perceive waxing as an extremely painful method of removing body hair.

Perhaps the worst example is in the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” where Steve Carrell literally gets his chest hair ripped off during a waxing procedure.

Although the process of waxing might seem painful, the pain tends to subside as the body gets more used to each waxing procedure. The skin also releases endorphins to help a person’s body adjust to the pain.

It’s best for people to choose their facility wisely. Many women have expressed their own horror stories about their own waxing experiences. In 2009, the state of New Jersey even came close to banning certain bikini waxes after two women ended up in the hospital because of them.

Of course, these cases involved Brazilian bikini waxing, which involves removing all the hair in the pelvic region. This is hardly the conventional form of American waxing, which usually only removes hair along the bikini line.

A Brazilian bikini wax can pull off pieces of the skin’s outermost layer, leaving the body vulnerable to bacteria. It also causes inflammation, which can trap the bacteria beneath the skin. As a result, this can lead to dangerous skin infections and ingrown hairs.

Despite these risks, Brazilian bikini waxes are still one of the most popular waxing procedures in America. A spa owner in New Jersey even reported most of the 1,800 bikini waxes at her spa in 2009 were Brazilian-style.

If people really are itching for that Brazilian wax, it helps for people to find a clinic that follows sanitary waxing procedures. People should find a state-licensed cosmetologist or aesthetician who is trained in executing safe Brazilian bikini waxes.

Patients should ask about the type of wax the place is using. For instance, speed wax is much faster, because it is applied by using a roller applicator. However, it is also painful and more likely to tear skin.

In comparison, hard wax is the best type. Rather than sticking to the skin, it sticks to the hair, making the process much gentler. Patients can even choose to sugar their skin with natural products as an alternative. Sugaring is much easier on the skin.

Many people have also complained about using at-home bikini waxes, which are not as easy and painless as they are advertised. Many of them tend to stick on the skin, causing irritation when people remove the wax. Thus, people should definitely do their homework by researching the at-home waxes before even trying them.

It also helps to make sure that the practitioners wash their hands before applying the wax. Be sure that they aren’t double dipping spatulas into the wax after coating it onto the skin. Double dipping can spread bacteria into the wax, putting the skin at risk for an infection.

After the wax, people should also make sure to shower, to keep the waxed area clean. Waxing often leaves the pores of the skin wide open for days, so patients should clean the area regularly to avoid skin inflammation.

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