Shaving Heads with the Headblade

July 10, 2011 in Hair removal for men

When men are shaving the hair off their body, they might also want to shave their heads as well. In that case, they could consider using a unique new product known as the Headblade.

There isn’t anything especially earth-shattering about the design. It is pretty much just a razor blade shaver on wheels. However, the tool deserves all the praise that is has received from magazines and online reviewers.

The headblade is available for only $13 at and The Headblade can use two different types of blades. These are the Schick Ultrex and the Gilette Atra pivoting twin blades. The blade is positioned in such a way so that people push it along the surface of the head.

To use it, people slip the headblade onto their middle finger. They can then shave off the hair in a motion as if they are combing their hair back with their hands. The headblade quickly shaves the hair off like a lawn mower.

This might seem like a painful razor shave on the head, but the razor actually can glide smoothly along the head. The design is made in the shape of a car so that the two wheels on the back easily roll the headblade over the skin. The blade also pivots loosely to adjust to the shape of a person’s scalp. This keeps the blade from cutting the skin. Be sure to also use shaving cream as well, so that the blade doesn’t scrape against the skin.

It might take some time to get used to using the headblade properly. Some people might initially put too much pressure on the blade, causing cuts and scrapes. Once people get the hang of it though, they will be able to shave in smooth strokes over the top of the head. It really is one of the most efficient head shavers that is currently on the market.

There are a few drawbacks to the Headblade. The shaver doesn’t work nearly as well when people want to shave hard-to-reach places. These areas include the back of the head and the hair around the ears. A Youtube demonstration of the Headblade shows that people often need another person to help shave the back of the head.

The blade also tends to fill up with hair very quickly as people are shaving. Thus, people might want a trash can handy, so that they can clean out the blade. A trash can also helps to dispose of all that hair that was just shaved off.

People could also use the headblade on facial hair as a conventional razor, but this isn’t nearly as reliable as a typical razor. The head tends to pivot a little too often. It’s much better suited for the scalp of the head. The website also sells a faceblade, but there’s not much of a point to buying one when a conventional razor works just as well.

The headblade is still incredibly effective, despite its flaws. The device has already received immense praise from numerous publications. It was honored in Time Magazine as one of the 10 best designs of 2000. The headblade also received the silver award of excellence from the Industrial Designers Society of America.

Everyone looking to shave their head should definitely try out the headblade at least once, just to see what it is like.

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