The Efficient Benefits of the No! No!

July 14, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Some people may have seen an infomercial claiming that the No! No! is a portable device that can remove hair permanently and painlessly. Although it isn’t as miraculous as the advertisement claims, it certainly removes the hair without any pain.

The No! No! infomercial promises to remove about 65 percent of the unwanted hair on a person’s skin, but it isn’t quite a permanent solution.

The No! No! is a painless tool that is very easy to use. After people charge the product, they can literally use it instantly to remove the hair on their body. They can just place the provided attachments onto the head of the No! No! and roll the tool along the skin.

This device is somewhat similar to laser hair removal. It uses electricity to remove hair from the skin. However, the No! No! uses an electrical wire on the head to burn the hair off. Although this seems extremely painful, the electrical charge of the No No! is low enough to keep people from feeling anything.

There are a few tedious problems with using the No! No! Although the device works reasonably well, people have to be sure to hold it perpendicular to the skin at a 90 degree angle. They have to also roll it smoothly so that it can catch all the hair on its head. It isn’t a perfect hair removal device, so don’t expect it to catch some of the smaller hairs on the skin.

The hair grows back for the first few weeks, so it may take time before people see measurable results. People will probably have to use the No! No! two to three times a week for eight weeks. By this time, the rate of growth will slow down considerably enough for people to see the difference.

Probably the most notable problem, however, is the price. The No! No! costs a whopping $250. With all that said, the No! No! removes most of the hair on the skin remarkably well. It is definitely the most painless hair removal option that doesn’t leave any cuts or scrapes on a person’s skin.

There are still plenty of cheaper options, if people are on a tight budget. The most inexpensive option is a shaver. These only cost $5 to $15, depending on the type of shaver a person purchases. They could also try using a $15 to $40 epilator to uproot the hair on their body.

There are plenty of other alternatives, depending on what a person is looking for. If they can handle the pain, they could set up a waxing appointment for about $15 to $40. There are also inexpensive hair removal creams and lotions that people can use, as long as people are willing to stand the smell.

If people are looking for a painless hair removal solution that doesn’t smell too bad, it wouldn’t hurt to try out the No! No! hair removal device. People interested in this tool should be sure to buy one with a 30-day warranty, so that they can return it for a refund if they are not satisfied with it.

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