Braun’s Best Shaver Redefines Shaving Excellence

July 9, 2012 in Hair removal for men

No one wants to pay for a $200 shaver unless they get their money’s worth. Thankfully, Braun’s top-of-the-line electric razor delivers everything imaginable.

The Braun Series 7 790cc has long battery life and close shaving performance that gives big spenders what they deserve.

The price of the 790cc is more likely to scare people from ever buying it. After all, most guys would rather buy a high-definition television or a game system with that kind of dough. However, the razor is an extraordinary value for what people get out of such a purchase.

Braun advertises that its shaver packs in 50 minutes of shaving time in every single charge, but the actual performance lasts longer than this duration. Users can regularly shave for between 60 to 75 minutes. No matter how hairy a man’s face is, the 790cc probably works long enough to shave the hair off.

The device implements a number of features to add flexibility to the shaving system.

For instance, the head includes three blades with foil to catch plenty of hair. It usesĀ  something called pulsonic technology. This means that the blades are supposed to vibrate 10,000 times per minute, according to the product description. Although there is absolutely no way to measure this statistic, it can actually adjust its speed based on the density of a person’s beard.

The 790cc also integrates plenty of nicknamed features with technological-sounding labels. The ActiveLift system of the middle blade can life and cut flat-lying hairs. Thus, it will shave off even the most troublesome hairs on the face. The OptiFoil system has “ergonomically sized” holes that can cut hairs deeper than before. We’re not sure if they should be called “ergonomic,” but the shaver has enough technological features and well-manufactured foil surrounding the blade. It certainly shaves the hairs much closer than other shavers ever could.

Probably the most important implementation is the floating blade system. For anyone unacquainted with this new feature, it is a fancy way of saying that the blades adjust to the contours of a person’s skin. The floating triple blade set-up guarantees that the shaver will adjust to any man’s face, no matter how jagged or loose the skin is.

High-class shaver shoppers will also appreciate the shaver washer, called the Clean and Renew system. The small container serves the same function as the Panasonic Vortex cleaning system. Rather than rinsing the head in the sink, owners can simply dunk it in the advanced alcohol-based cleaning system.

Supposedly, cleaning a razor in this solution is much more hygienic than rinsing it in the sink. We haven’t been able to measure this, but the little tub has plenty of little automated features to back up its claim. The cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimal performance. The lubricant also has a lemon scent, to keep the shaver head smelling fresh.

There are plenty of geeky tools in this little container to enhance the washer even further. It comes with a program selection system that can automatically assess the best of the three cleaning modes to use. After the cleaning cycle, the tub has a heat-inductive system that dries off the shaver so that it is ready to use.

The Braun Series 7 790cc shaver deserves all the accolades it has received. Consumer Reports gave the razor the highest overall rating on its website. The shaver has a high rating on its listing. $200 is a high price to pay for an electric shaver, but the 790cc has more than enough high-tech features to shave any man’s face as close as possible.

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