Emjoi Enhances Epilator Technology for the Better

July 5, 2012 in News

For anyone complaining that their epilator doesn’t have enough tweezers, Emjoi came up with the hardcore solution for them.

Emjoi’s most fearsome new epilator includes 72 tweezers that are guaranteed to remove every unnecessary hair.

The average shopper will definitely wonder whether an epilator really needs this many tweezers. Thankfully, Emjoi is one of the most reliable epilator manufacturers in the world. This is probably why amazon.com consumers frequently give rave reviews about Emjoi over every other brand. The company’s $100 AP-18 Emagine has gained considerable acclaim for its comfortable, economic design.

Most epilator shoppers have either hunted for one of two different types of epilators. The first type use a dual rotating heads to catch and remove the hairs mechanically. The other type uses tweezers to uproot the hairs. Emjoi’s AP-18 Emagine uses dual-opposed tweezers. This means that two tweezer discs rotate in opposite directions from each other when activated.

According to one of the company’s promotional videos, the discs help to stretch out the skin comfortably with its mechanical motion. While the discs keep the skin taut, the 72 tweezer heads catch the thin hairs so that they can uproot them.

Although the hair removal process seems like a rather painful procedure, the tweezers are staggered evenly around the disc. Unlike other brands, Emjoi doesn’t jam certain parts of the disc with too many tweezers. This allows the device to evenly pull the hair from the root without damaging the surface of the skin.

The epilator is especially effective, now that it has 72 tweezers to pull out hair. The large number increases the likelihood that the epilator will uproot all the hairs from each corresponding portion of skin. Thus, the hair removal process is quicker than ever before, thanks to the new technology in the AP-18.

Emjoi also includes a number of features with professional-sounding names. In many ways, it feels like a big pitch to make this epilator look like the ultimate brand. The “silver ion technology” is supposed to add anti-microbial protection. This is probably just a fancy way of saying that this device is hypo-allergenic so that it won’t cause any breakouts on the skin.

There’s also some sort of “Glide” technology that is supposed to move the tweezer discs over the skin with less irritation. Much of the descriptions seem like Emjoi’s own shrewd way of making their product seem better than every other epilator ever made. To be honest, there are other epilators that work just as well as the AP-18 Emagine.

If anything, the major advantage of this device is the massive 72-tweezer operation of this device. The curved ergonomic shape of the handle is also very comfortable for people who are engaging in long durations of hair removal. Emjoi has many other more complex epilators in their arsenal, but the AP-18 is widely considered as one of the best. It has a wide range of excellent qualities for the $100 that people have to pay for it.

Plenty of online retailers sell this gem for a lower price. The AP-18 Emagine is an excellent purchase for people who are hunting for semi-permanent hair removal solutions.

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