Removing Moustaches With a Spring

August 22, 2011 in Hair removal for men,Hair removal at home

Some hair removal products are more notable for their unusual, unconventional designs. One of the most bizarre hair threaders for women uses a long, U-shaped spring.

The R.E.M. spring sprong can effectively remove hair on the upper lip, but only if women research the proper way to use it.

The spring sprong removes hair in a manner similar to that of a threader. It can uproot the hair on a person’s upper lip. Unlike a typical threader though, it yanks the hair out by catching it between the loops of the spring.

People must first bend the spring in a U shape against the lip. They then carefully twist the spring around, so that it can catch the hair and then roll it around the spring. Eventually, the spring manages to uproot the hair from the lip.

For a hair removal device, the Spring Sprong is difficult to use effectively. Many people have considered it useless, because they couldn’t get the spring to work even when they followed the instruction manual. The people who managed to successfully remove hair with the spring had to hold the spring in a certain manner across the lip. They then had to keep one end still while winding the other end around.

As a hair removal tool, it is awkward to use. People have complained that this product needs better instructions to advise them. Despite these troublesome complaints, it is still effective in uprooting the mustache on the upper lip. Although people might feel some pain when using the Spring Sprong, it tends to feel more like a sting rather than a searing rip on the skin.

Technically, people would most likely prefer a shaver over this strange spring. The R.E.M. Spring Sprong costs about $17. Although the price tag will not break the bank, it is much more expensive than a typical everyday shaver. People might have trouble figuring out how to get the spring to work every time.

However, it is one of the least embarrassing ways for women to remove any dreadful upper lip hair. Unlike the sharp cut of an electric shaver, the spring will not leave any nicks or scars on a woman’s skin. Thus, women can safely eliminate an awkward mustache without the messiness of a razor blade.

As strange as the spring might look, the device received an unusual amount of praise from Oprah’s magazine, O. The reviewer recommended the R.E.M. Spring Sprong as an ideal alternative to using shavers with long cords or smelly hair removal creams. It is also a much simpler tool many other hair removal tools.

Although the spring is more or less limited to only remove hair on the upper lip, women can also use it on their cheeks and neck. People might feel pain when removing the hair, but much of the pain is only temporary.

The R.E.M. Spring Sprong might look like one of the most unconventional hair removal tools on the planet. Yet, it is effective as long women are willing to adjust to the steep learning curve of using the spring. It exquisitely uproots women’s facial hair in the simplest manner possible.

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