Tacky Micro Touch Max Makes Hair Removal a Nuisance

August 28, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Facial hair removal

Some hair removal products have little problems that tend to annoy people. The Micro Touch Max is one of those products.

The Micro Touch Max is decent, but other men’s hair removal products can pull off the same job more effectively at a lower price.

The advertisements for the Micro Touch Max make this small, rod-shaped hair remover look like the perfect manly tool for removing hair in all those hard-to-reach parts of the body. Although it certainly handles the job, there are many downsides to this device that make it altogether impractical.

First, people should try their best not to buy the trimmer from the product’s website, microtouchmax.com.  The Micro Touch Max normally costs about $10, but the website has annoying pop-up ads that plague consumers with offers to buy an extra grooming kit. To make matters worse, this pop-up window automatically adds a $7 fee once people click OK. It will not even let people change their order.

To make matters worse, the kit includes many oddball items that are not even necessary for hair removal. These items include a shoehorn for fitting shoes on, two nail clippers, a comb, a travel toothbrush, a nail file/nail cleaner and a lint brush. Although the bag has nifty storage areas for the trimmer and other spart parts, most of the equipment isn’t even necessary.

If people are shopping for this trimmer, they should try looking on amazon.com and in other pharmacy stores. These places sell the $10 Micro Touch Max by itself, without extra grooming kits or any other unnecessary accessories.

In spite of these shopping inconveniences, the device itself works reasonably well. The device runs on one AAA battery. The Micro Touch also has a built-in LED light on the end. It seems like a light is hardly practical for hair removal. Yet, it actually helps people see the hard-to-reach spots much more clearly in a mirror reflection.

The trimmer also has a comfortable rubber grip. The cylinder-shaped handle is about one inch in diameter. The shape tapers down from the handle to the trimmer at the end. This makes it easy to trim spots that are difficult for a normal trimmer, such as the nose, ears, eyebrows or the neckline.

Despite the capabilities of the extended trimmer and the ergonomic grip, the on/off switch is a little impractical to use. In order to activate it, people must twist a smooth, chrome-finished part of the body. It is slippery on the hands, so it isn’t the easiest trimmer to activate.

With that said though, the Micro Touch still works well. It also comes with two trimmer attachments. This allows people to choose from a small, a medium and a large trimmer at the end of the device. Unfortunately, most people only the need the small trimmer and the large trimmer. They probably wouldn’t expect to find a medium-sized hair to trim off.

The Micro Touch Max is a decent product, despite its tacky advertisements and the annoying product website. However, there are other less expensive brands of trimmers that can remove those hard-to-reach hairs just as effectively. People should shop around to find some more practical trimmers.

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