The Simple Basics of a Straight Edge Shave

March 2, 2012 in Hair Removal 101,Hair removal for men

A straight razor shave may seem like a dangerous task for men who want to use it at home. However, the procedure actually isn’t as dangerous as it seems.

In fact, numerous websites and reports show that a straight-edge razor is a very simple tool to use.

A barber from The Art of Shaving shop in New York, Israel Leon, explained just how easy the shaving process is. In a demonstration for the Wall Street Journal, he explained that men can get the best shaving results in the shower. The hot moisture of the shower opens the pores of the skin dramatically. This allows the razor to glide across the skin much more smoothly.

In a barbershop, Leon replicates this moisture effect by applying a warm towel onto the face for a few minutes to open up the pores of the skin. He then applies pre-shave oil thoroughly onto the face. This puts a protective barrier in-between the blade and the skin, so that he can shave in any direction without irritation.

After this point, Leon then uses a barber brush to rub the shaving cream onto the skin in circular motions. This moves the facial hair around, lifting the hair further out so that it becomes easier to shave. He then begins to shave downward first.

Moving the razor in a downward motion will lower the hair at a angle. Then the barber shaves in an upward motion. This makes it easier for the razor to remove the hair more closely from the skin. He finishes the job by applying a cold, wet towel to close the pores of the skin. This prevents the hair from growing back quickly. Finally, he applies after-shave balm onto the shaved area to prevent any irritation.

The process is nearly the same if a person uses a convention hoe-shaped razor. The blade may have plenty of guards to keep it from cutting the hair closely, but a hot towel or a shower dramatically opens the pores up for a clean shave. The pre-shave oil also helps to protect the skin.

An electric shaver, on the other hand, is not nearly as effective. Men actually need to spend more time on exfoliating the skin, because an electric razor merely cuts the hair off of the surface of the epidermis. It does not provide the same close glide as a razor. According to Israel Leon, this is why people often say that a razor can cut years off of a person’s skin.

If men are interested in straight-edge razors, plenty of American companies still make more conventional models. Some of these brands include Parker safety razors and Dovo stainless steel blades. There are always ways to restore vintage models, which are often considered the most effective straight edges made in the heyday of the straight edge.

This article only covers the basics, but it demonstrates how easy it is to replicate the clean, close shave of a barbershop. A straight-edge might seem costly, but it is also one of the most effective tools for a man who is looking for an advanced hair removal solution.

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