Nads Supplies Dependable Depilatory Gels

January 21, 2012 in Hair Removal 101,Hair removal at home

Nads is one of the more popular hair removal companies when it comes to gels and creams. Their lineup often carries mixed reviews around the web, but their products for women are remarkably effective.

The company is renowned for its original hair removal gel, which is made from safe, natural ingredients. It isn’t toxic, so it definitely will not damage a person’s skin permanently. For some odd reason, the package even states that the gel is edible. Hopefully no one has the nerve to eat a gross depilatory gel.

Like most depilatory creams, the Nad’s original gel tends to sting after women apply it onto the skin. The pain only lasts for a short while, before the chemicals of the gel start to break down the protein structure of the hair. The only difference from other depilatory creams lies in the uprooting process. Women will have to uproot the hair in the same fashion as a waxing operation.

Some women have written complaints about the accompanying instructions, which claim that people can apply the gel at room temperature. As many reviewers noted, this is not true. People will have to heat the gel in the microwave, so that the gel melts to a thin enough coating for the skin.

After heating the gel, people apply the gel onto the skin. Women then use the cleansing wipes in the package to remove the hair by pulling it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Some bloggers have had trouble with the cloths, claiming that they ran out of cloths before they even finished. Thankfully, they are actually reusable. People can simply use the same cloth to uproot hair in other larger areas, such as the legs.

Nads also supplies depilatory gels for men to use. Unfortunately, this product is not nearly as effective. Many men have complained that this gel is far more painful. Some have reported that their skin now has nasty blood dots where the hair used to be. Whether the problem has to do with the men’s inexperience with waxing, the Nads gel for men is not as effective as the gel for women.

Women who are looking to remove eyebrow hair may also look into trying out the Nads facial wand eyebrow shaper. Although the name makes it sound like an ordinary makeup tool, the wand is actually an applicator for the original all-natural Nads hair removal gel.

The instructions are somewhat complicated, but it works very similarly to a waxing gel. The user must first a thin coat of heated gel in the area in which she wants to remove the hair. She should then firmly press a cleansing strip to the eyebrow, before removing it in the opposite direction in which the hair is growing.

People should definitely try out Nads, to see if it is suitable for them. Each brand of gel works differently, but Nads is one of the more dependable brands in the market.

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