The All-Natural Hair Removal Wax

January 24, 2012 in Waxing

Shoppers who love natural products may want to look into purchasing Moom for their hair removal needs. Unlike other waxing products, Moom is completely made from natural ingredients.

Although the name doesn’t seem to mean anything, Moom is a dependable brand that definitely uses all-natural ingredients. The hair removal wax consists only of chamomile, lemon juice, tea tree oil, sugar and water. The simple formula is somewhat similar to sugaring, but people still need to use the waxing strips to remove the hair from their skin.

The entire do-it-yourself process is not hard to figure out, especially if someone is experienced in waxing. A person who has bought the product will first have to microwave the wax for about 10 seconds. After applying the Moom wax onto the portion of hair that they wish to remove, she or he should then adhere a reusable strip of fabric onto the hair.

Like most waxes, the removal process is somewhat painful. The person needs to rub on the strip three times firmly, before zipping the strip off quickly. The skin may sting after stripping the hair off, but the procedure becomes easier as the body adjust to the slight pain.

The reusable cloth strips work much more effectively than those in other wax products. People may have some slight difficulty figuring out how to use them. If a strip becomes too saturated with wax, remember to switch to a clean new one. The package of the wax also includes different sizes of strips, so be sure to switch to smaller strips for shorter hairs. These hairs tend to grow in areas such as the face, the knees and around the ankles.

The hair removes much more cleanly than other brands, though. People might need to use the wax more than once to remove some of the stray hairs, but it provides flawless, smooth skin. The surface doesn’t have the nasty burns from razors. In fact, Moom works better than many other epilators, which tend to grab at the skin.

The only problem with the hair removal kit is that the package does not include enough cloth strips for the entire body. Shoppers may have to purchase some extra strips if they want to wax off all the messy hairs on their skin. Thankfully, Moom also sells packets of 48 strips. Each packet sells for about $10.

One variation of the product includes lavender in the ingredient mix. According to the package, this is a special blend for extra-sensitive skin. Unfortunately, it suffers from many of the same problems as the original kit. It doesn’t provide enough strips. The wax can also overheat, depending on the heat level of the microwave.

Moom also has a special formula for men. It isn’t nearly as effective as the original wax for women, but it still removes the hair cleanly. Keep in mind that this line of wax also tends to redden the skin more often. Men also might have more time to get used to the procedure, especially if they haven’t waxed their skin before.

For most people, Moom is a great way to remove hair with all-natural materials. Although waxing is not for everyone, Moom is a reasonably safe alternative to using epilators or razor burns. Each kit only costs about $20.

These do-it-yourself products are surprisingly inexpensive when compared to the price of a waxing appointment at a salon. Both men and women may want to look into purchasing Moom, especially if they are hunting for alternatives to shavers and epilators.

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