Cheaper Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

January 19, 2012 in Hair Removal 101

Readers of this blog may not have heard of machines that can perform intense pulsed light hair removal at home. These devices are actually quicker and much more efficient than expensive appointments with a hair removal specialist.

There are three popular brands of machines for intense pulsed light hair removal. Shoppers should try to find the Remington i-Light first, because it lasts the longest out of all the light pulse machines.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about intense pulsed light hair removal, also known as IPL hair removal, the process is similar to that of laser hair removal. The pulse device uses light energy to damage parts of the hair follicle, so that the hair is less likely to grow back. Most devices works best on light people with dark hair, because the light texture of the skin’s melanin is less likely to absorb heat from the pulse. Unlike lasers, the intense light pulse emits a pulse of light at specific wavelengths to further reduce any possible damage to the skin.

The Remington is one of the few unisex devices that will work for both men and women. It is also more suitable for people with light shades of skin. Keep in mind that even though the i-Light works with dark skin, it is more likely to cause damage to the skin because the dark pigment of the melanin tends to absorb more heat.

The Remington i-Light also will not remove hair permanently. This may disappoint people who are looking for a quicker and less painful way to keep the hair from growing. However, it still removes hair for about three to four weeks before the hair grows back again. This is a much longer duration than machines in other countries, such as the Boots Smooth Skin iPulse and the Phillips Lumea. The hair also looks thinner and less noticeable than it would if the person shaved it off.

The iLight is the least expense IPL light devices that is currently for sale in America, costing only $250. There are quite a few competing brands with intense pulsed light machines, but these devices have not been approved by the FDA thus far. The iLight’s light bulb is also more reasonably priced than bulbs for other machines. Currently, replacement bulbs cost only $25, which is much cheaper than the $40 to $50 bulbs for competing brands.

The only significant problem with the i-Light is that the bulb covers a smaller surface area than other IPL devices. So far, the device will only remove hair from an area of two square centimeters of skin. Thus, hair removal will take much longer for larger areas of skin, such as the legs or the chest. The bulb also will only last for about 1,500 pulse flashes. Also keep in mind that the machine tends to overheat very quickly.

In spite of these problems, the Remington i-Light is currently the best IPL machine that is specially designed for at-home use. Most of the other machines on the market look like unwieldy computer machines in a science lab. The i-Light, on the other hand, has a sleek, curved design and an attractive metallic finish. It is surprisingly inexpensive, making it very attractive for consumers who are looking for long-lasting hair removal on a fairly tight budget. This device is currently on sale at, so shoppers may want to look into owning an i-Light.

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