An Essential Soft Facial Trimmer for Women

November 17, 2011 in Facial hair removal

Women sometimes have a tough time looking for facial hair removal methods that don’t involve conventional threading or plucking. Many of the men’s shavers were designed more for rough beards, rather than for a feminine face.

Panasonic’s Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer provides a cleaner and more painless trim job for the softer hairs on women.

Although the head trimmer may look more like a toothbrush than an actual hair removal tool, it is quite effective at trimming the thin hairs on the face. It also folds up into a comfortable pen shape, so that women can tote the device around easily. To make matters especially simple, the trimmer doesn’t need any long electric wires. It only needs one AAA battery.

The device comes with two different head attachments. The first head is suitable for delicately trimming the hairs on the side of the face. The other smaller head is specialized for the hair in the eyebrows. The trimmer also comes with comb attachments for the eyebrow trimmer, in case someone wants to guide their eyebrows to flow in a certain direction.

There are many reasons why women would look for alternative tools such as the Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer. First of all, this trimmer is much less expensive than many other costly hair removal procedures. Although the hair removal provider usually assesses the cost of the treatment in the first few appointments, some treatments could cost as much as $300.

Inexpensive trimmers are also less likely to cause pain. Some people regret paying for painful procedures such as getting their hair waxed off. The amount of pain usually doesn’t last for long, but some people have trouble tolerating the slight sting after the wax uproots the hair. They could certain hunt for less painful methods, such as sugaring. However, many clinics do not provide these lesser-known services for uprooting the hair through sugaring.

People who value hair removal on a budget would usually look for a simple tweezer to pluck the hairs out. The tweezer is more ideal for removing individual hairs, though. It isn’t suitable for pulling out larger pockets of hair. Threaders sometimes seem like the ideal alternative, but this type of routine still takes tedious amounts of time to loop the thread around the hair. The Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer is the best alternative to these cumbersome methods.

Although this may seem like an exaggeration of all the flaws of hair removal methods, many methods simply don’t work as well for the thin hairs that are usually on a woman’s face. In these cases, women usually find that less expensive devices, such as the Pivoting Head Trimmer, are less risky. They also will not cause the more permanent hair removal problems of the more permanent methods, such as electrolysis.

If women are looking for an effective alternative tool to remove facial hair, they should definitely consider trying out Panasonic’s Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer. It only costs about $17 and people can order it from and many other online websites.

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