The disposable razor might look like a simple piece of plastic with a hoe-shaped blade attached to it. However, the safety razor has had a long history of changes that helped to make it more popular than the straight razor.

Some people would claim that the development of the safety razor began with King Camp Gilette’s invention of his safety razor. However, the first big change from a straight razor to a safety razor actually took place in the 18th century, from a French designer.

This designer, Jean-Jacques Perret, crafted a wooden guard that fits over the razor like a sleeve. This guard only allowed for a small portion of the blade to protrude, keeping the blade from seriously injuring the skin. By the time other inventors passed the design over to America, they had implemented a comb guard in 1847 to prevent the blade from cutting deeply into the skin.

After 33 years, Frederick and Otto Kampfe invented the Star Safety Razor in 1880. This razor was literally shaped like a hoe, with the blade protruding at a perpendicular angle to the skin. Although this was a major improvement that made shaving safer than ever before, it was still [click to continue…]

Some hair removal products have little problems that tend to annoy people. The Micro Touch Max is one of those products.

The Micro Touch Max is decent, but other men’s hair removal products can pull off the same job more effectively at a lower price.

The advertisements for the Micro Touch Max make this small, rod-shaped hair remover look like the perfect manly tool for removing hair in all those hard-to-reach parts of the body. Although it certainly handles the job, there are many downsides to this device that make it altogether impractical.

First, people should try their best not to buy the trimmer from the product’s website,  The Micro Touch Max normally costs about $10, but the website has annoying pop-up ads that plague consumers with offers to buy an extra grooming kit. To make matters worse, this pop-up window automatically adds a $7 fee once people click OK. It will not even let people change their order.

To make matters worse, the kit includes many oddball items that are not even necessary for hair removal. These items include a shoehorn for fitting shoes on, two nail clippers, a comb, a travel toothbrush, a nail file/nail cleaner and a lint brush. Although the bag has nifty storage areas for the trimmer and other spart parts, most of the equipment isn’t even necessary.

If people are shopping for this trimmer, they should try [click to continue…]

Some hair removal products are more notable for their unusual, unconventional designs. One of the most bizarre hair threaders for women uses a long, U-shaped spring.

The R.E.M. spring sprong can effectively remove hair on the upper lip, but only if women research the proper way to use it.

The spring sprong removes hair in a manner similar to that of a threader. It can uproot the hair on a person’s upper lip. Unlike a typical threader though, it yanks the hair out by catching it between the loops of the spring.

People must first bend the spring in a U shape against the lip. They then carefully twist the spring around, so that it can catch the hair and then roll it around the spring. Eventually, the spring manages to uproot the hair from the lip.

For a hair removal device, the Spring Sprong is difficult to use effectively. Many people have considered it useless, because they couldn’t get the spring to work even when they followed the instruction manual. The people who managed to successfully remove hair with the spring had to [click to continue…]

Although electric shavers and disposable razors are very efficient and inexpensive, none of them can match the close precision of a wet shave at the barbershop.

People have to purchase a wet shave just to experience it for themselves. The barber uses a remarkable set of tools to make the face feel as bare as a baby’s bottom.

A face shave begins with the barber tilting back the head rest and reclining the chair. This gives him or her the ease and comfort to shave closely on the face with a single-edge straight razor. After applying a hot towel onto the face for a few seconds, the barber usually applies a cleanser to the face. This opens up the pores of the skin so that the face is nice and clean for a shave.

Then the barber lubricates the facial hair with a warm lather. This mix consists of shaving cream and hot water, typically mixed together in a basin known as a scuttle. The barber then applies the warm lather onto the skin using a barber brush.

Once the barber has sufficiently lubricated the face, he or she begins to carefully shave the face using a single-edge straight razor. Unlike cheap shavers that are shaped like a garden hoe, the barber’s expensive single-edge folds out in the same manner as [click to continue…]

Although covers a wide range of hair removal procedures, people often ignore one of the more primitive types of treatment. This method uses friction energy to exfoliate skin and to remove hair.

With the special powers of friction mitts or pumice stones, people can simply rub all the hair off of their body.

They are not the most conventional tools, but these tools can actually remove hair. It may take some time to find a friction mitt or a pumice stone. Although, there are plenty of brands, not every drug store or clothing store sells mitts and pumice stones. If worse comes to worse, people can order them online.

For people who haven’t heard of these tools at all, these are simply tools with an abrasive surface. Friction mitts such as the Hair Off have a rough surface which people use to rub and exfoliate the skin. Pumice stones are volcanic rocks that have a similar rough surface which people can use to rub off hair.

To remove the hair, the person should rub the stone or mitt in a circular motion over the hairy section that he or she wants to remove. The rubbing will remove skin from the surface, as well as dead skin cells. People may want to apply baby oil or some other lubricant on the skin to reduce the irritation from the rubbing. They may also want to apply it on the mitt or the stone to make the hair removal much easier.

In comparison to methods such as waxing, pumice stones and friction mitts are [click to continue…]

Although there is a wide range of various shavers for women, shavers for men are often limited to the standard face shaver. There aren’t many shavers tailored to handle every type of men’s body hair. Thankfully, Phillips Norelco’s new shaver may usher in a new age of shavers for men.

The Norelco Bodygroom Pro is pricey at $70, but it brings many new shaving opportunities for men who need fast and easy hair removal. It is an evolution of the original Bodygroom, which also received rave reviews from Popular Mechanics magazine.

For men who really need the hair on their back and chest removed quickly, the Bodygroom is a more efficient tool than many of the other options available. The main head consists of razor blades covered by a piece of foil, stuffed between two clippers. Unlike the original Bodygroom, the pro edition uses a 3D pivoting head that neatly adjusts to the contours of a person’s skin.

The pro model also changed the bottom of the shaver by adding a trimmer. This attachment is specially designed to shave off the coarsest hairs near the pubic section. The trimmer also has a handy adjustable trimmer guard. It is adjustable from 1/8 to 11/25 of an inch. This especially helps if people are having trouble combing with thick, tangled-up hair.

The shaver also has plenty of other nifty features. It is [click to continue…]

Many women want the hair removed on their body so that they can look attractive to the people around them. However, some women need their hair removed because of the natural conditions of their body.

One of these precarious hair growth conditions in women is known as hirsutism which can actually turn more serious than people expect.

Hirsutism is a condition in which unwanted hair grows in places where it usually grows on men. This includes areas such as the face, the chest and the back. This type of hair growth often consists of coarse, pigmented hair, sometimes in massive amounts.

Hirsutism is often associated with high levels of androgens which are male sex hormones that allow the fine hairs on the body, vellus hairs, to become dark, curly and coarse. These hairs are known as terminus hairs. The high level of androgens causes the unwanted growth in the number of terminus hairs.

The high androgen levels can be caused by numerous conditions. For instance, polycystic ovary syndrome could cause hirsutism which is also caused by an imbalance of sex hormones. Polycystic ovary syndrome also causes irregular periods, obesity, infertility and multiple cysts on the ovaries.

Cushing’s syndrome could also cause hirsutism. It is caused by a high level of exposure to the steroid hormone cortisol, which is used in the body’s response to stress. High levels of cortisol could alter the balance of sex hormones in the human body, causing hirsutism.

Some of the other conditions that cause hirsutism include congenital [click to continue…]

Some people may have seen an infomercial claiming that the No! No! is a portable device that can remove hair permanently and painlessly. Although it isn’t as miraculous as the advertisement claims, it certainly removes the hair without any pain.

The No! No! infomercial promises to remove about 65 percent of the unwanted hair on a person’s skin, but it isn’t quite a permanent solution.

The No! No! is a painless tool that is very easy to use. After people charge the product, they can literally use it instantly to remove the hair on their body. They can just place the provided attachments onto the head of the No! No! and roll the tool along the skin.

This device is somewhat similar to laser hair removal. It uses electricity to remove hair from the skin. However, the No! No! uses an electrical wire on the head to burn the hair off. Although this seems extremely painful, the electrical charge of the No No! is low enough to keep people from feeling anything.

There are a few tedious problems with using the No! No! Although the device works reasonably well, people have to be sure to hold it perpendicular to the skin at a 90 degree angle. They have to also roll it smoothly so that it can catch all the hair on its head. It isn’t a perfect hair removal device, so don’t expect it to catch some of the smaller hairs on the skin.

The hair grows back for the first few weeks, so it may take [click to continue…]

When men are shaving the hair off their body, they might also want to shave their heads as well. In that case, they could consider using a unique new product known as the Headblade.

There isn’t anything especially earth-shattering about the design. It is pretty much just a razor blade shaver on wheels. However, the tool deserves all the praise that is has received from magazines and online reviewers.

The headblade is available for only $13 at and The Headblade can use two different types of blades. These are the Schick Ultrex and the Gilette Atra pivoting twin blades. The blade is positioned in such a way so that people push it along the surface of the head.

To use it, people slip the headblade onto their middle finger. They can then shave off the hair in a motion as if they are combing their hair back with their hands. The headblade quickly shaves the hair off like a lawn mower.

This might seem like a painful razor shave on the head, but the razor actually can glide smoothly along the head. The design is made in the shape of a car so that the two wheels on the back easily roll the headblade over the skin. The blade also pivots loosely to adjust to the shape of a person’s scalp. This keeps the blade from cutting the skin. Be sure to also use shaving cream as well, so that the blade doesn’t scrape against the skin.

It might take some time to get used to using the headblade properly. Some people might initially [click to continue…]

Although laser hair removal is fairly popular because its precision in removing hair, the procedure could become difficult if a person’s skin is dark.

Before anyone gets the idea that this is racial discrimination, consider how the laser could dramatically affect the pigment of the skin. If the person’s skin has a dark pigment, the skin is more likely to burn from the laser. This happens primarily because light that makes contact with dark colors generally gets converted into heat energy.

Normally when a laser hits light skin, much of the laser energy can easily target the darker-colored hair on the skin. This allows it to easily remove the hair out of its shaft. With dark skin, the laser could just as easily burn the skin because of the immense surface area that can burn from the laser.

Throughout this entire process, it cannot easily target the hair anymore, unless the practitioner uses the proper adjustments on the laser. The laser obviously cannot adjust itself automatically to keep itself from injuring the person’s skin. Thus, the practitioner should identify the proper laser and the amount of energy to be emitted before doing anything else.

For darker skins, thorough knowledge of the laser removal process is especially important. The laser is specifically designed to only hit the melanin pigment in the hair shaft, not the rest of the skin. In order to specifically hit this area, practitioners use [click to continue…]

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