Roughhousing the hair with mitts and stones

July 26, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Although covers a wide range of hair removal procedures, people often ignore one of the more primitive types of treatment. This method uses friction energy to exfoliate skin and to remove hair.

With the special powers of friction mitts or pumice stones, people can simply rub all the hair off of their body.

They are not the most conventional tools, but these tools can actually remove hair. It may take some time to find a friction mitt or a pumice stone. Although, there are plenty of brands, not every drug store or clothing store sells mitts and pumice stones. If worse comes to worse, people can order them online.

For people who haven’t heard of these tools at all, these are simply tools with an abrasive surface. Friction mitts such as the Hair Off have a rough surface which people use to rub and exfoliate the skin. Pumice stones are volcanic rocks that have a similar rough surface which people can use to rub off hair.

To remove the hair, the person should rub the stone or mitt in a circular motion over the hairy section that he or she wants to remove. The rubbing will remove skin from the surface, as well as dead skin cells. People may want to apply baby oil or some other lubricant on the skin to reduce the irritation from the rubbing. They may also want to apply it on the mitt or the stone to make the hair removal much easier.

In comparison to methods such as waxing, pumice stones and friction mitts are incredibly inexpensive. Most stone and mitts only cost about $2 to $10. This is probably the best choice of hair removal for people on an extremely tight budget.

In many ways, friction mitts and pumice stones seem very impractical as hair removal tools. People will inevitably end up with irritated, reddened skin. Fortunately, the stones and mitts usually don’t cause serious harm unless people rub the skin vigorously with them. Regardless of whether they rub hard or not, people with open wounds or sensitive skin should try to find an alternative method of hair removal.

Some hair removal websites suggest that people shouldn’t use the stones or mitts on the face, the armpits or the bikini area. Most of the people who write these articles are understandably concerned that the rough surface will cause painful damage to the face and various other areas. Many experts suggest using the stones and mitts only on the legs, but people have used them on their face without much trouble. Keep in mind, though, that the operation might become irritating. Whatever the case, they shouldn’t to rub it in too hard on themselves.

As a person might expect, this is only a temporary method to remove hair. The friction of these objects can only remove the hair through rough physical force. It doesn’t damage the areas inside the follicle, so the hair will inevitably grow back within one to five days.

Despite the flaws of the stones and mitts, the hair that grows back isn’t nearly as coarse as it was before the treatment. The procedure may seem rudimentary, but it can remove hair quickly and easily.

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