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Hair Removal 101

Cheaper Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Readers of this blog may not have heard of machines that can perform intense pulsed light hair removal at home. These devices are actually quicker and much more efficient than expensive appointments with a hair removal specialist. There are three popular brands of machines for intense pulsed light hair removal. Shoppers should try to find […]

Iridium Shaver Not Worth the High Price

A new luxury razor promises the closest shave for any man. The big question is whether any guy is insane enough to actually purchase it. In fact, anyone would have to wonder why Zafirro would design an over-expensive Iridium razor in the first place. Certainly the $100,000 razor generated plenty of buzz from numerous magazines. […]

The Excellent Emjoi Epilator

People might think we’re crazy for recommending an expensive $72 epilator. However, this epilator is actually worth every penny. The Emjoi AP-18 Emagine is one of the highest quality epilators available, as long as the person has plenty of money. For anyone who is wondering why it is so expensive, the Emagine is one of […]

The Science Behind the Design of a Razor

The disposable razor might look like a simple piece of plastic with a hoe-shaped blade attached to it. However, the safety razor has had a long history of changes that helped to make it more popular than the straight razor. Some people would claim that the development of the safety razor began with King Camp […]

Tacky Micro Touch Max Makes Hair Removal a Nuisance

Some hair removal products have little problems that tend to annoy people. The Micro Touch Max is one of those products. The Micro Touch Max is decent, but other men’s hair removal products can pull off the same job more effectively at a lower price. The advertisements for the Micro Touch Max make this small, […]

Roughhousing the hair with mitts and stones

Although covers a wide range of hair removal procedures, people often ignore one of the more primitive types of treatment. This method uses friction energy to exfoliate skin and to remove hair. With the special powers of friction mitts or pumice stones, people can simply rub all the hair off of their body. They […]

Treating Women With Rampant Hair Growth

Many women want the hair removed on their body so that they can look attractive to the people around them. However, some women need their hair removed because of the natural conditions of their body. One of these precarious hair growth conditions in women is known as hirsutism which can actually turn more serious than […]

The Efficient Benefits of the No! No!

Some people may have seen an infomercial claiming that the No! No! is a portable device that can remove hair permanently and painlessly. Although it isn’t as miraculous as the advertisement claims, it certainly removes the hair without any pain. The No! No! infomercial promises to remove about 65 percent of the unwanted hair on […]

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Tips For the Bikini Line

Although many women try not to mention anything about pubic hair trimming, there are some women who really want to trim the edges of the pubic area for important reasons. A woman’s pubic area is commonly known as the bikini area. Women often ask for a bikini line trim, which removes the hair along the […]

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The Pros and Cons of Brazilian Bikini Waxing

Some people perceive waxing as an extremely painful method of removing body hair. Perhaps the worst example is in the film “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” where Steve Carrell literally gets his chest hair ripped off during a waxing procedure. Although the process of waxing might seem painful, the pain tends to subside as the body gets […]

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