What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal

September 10, 2010 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

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Though there are usually no serious side effects to a laser hair removal treatment, it is still important to know what can be expected. As an immediate result of a laser hair removal treatment, the skin can be red and irritated, much like a mild sunburn. This is nothing to be concerned about and will go away after a day or two. A cool compress or a light, soothing moisturizer can be used on the skin if desired.

After a laser hair removal treatment it is recommended that you wear sunscreen on the treated area, if it will be exposed to the sun, in order to avoid further irritation of the skin. And if possible, try to avoid the sun altogether for about 2 weeks. Tanning must also be avoided. In addition, to avoid any additional irritation, it is best not to shave the treated area until the skin is back to normal.

What can be confusing to some is that after undergoing laser hair removal the hairs are still there. This part of the process is completely normal and nothing to be concerned or disappointed about. The reason why the hairs remain is because laser hair removal does not extract the hairs. It destroys them at the root and it can take some time for them to fall out. They will, however, fall out on their own. After about 10 days the hairs will start to shed and continue to do so in the following weeks. And when the skin no longer feels irritated, a scrub can be used in the shower to gently help the hairs along the way. You should not, however, attempt to pull the hairs out in any way. And it is important not to wax or pluck the hairs after laser hair removal as this will disturb the growing phase. However, it is fine to shave.

As the treated hairs falls out you will enjoy a week or two of not having to shave or wax. However, new hair that is no longer in the resting phase will start to grow in soon after. And hairs that did not fall out will be treated in the next session.

It is essential to understand that, after the initial laser hair removal treatment, the hairs are expected to grow back to some degree, until all hairs have been treated. Additional laser treatments are necessary to treat all the hairs as they go through various stages of growth.

After some time you will notice that the hairs grow thinner or don’t grow at all. And this is the goal in laser hair removal.

Overall, there is very little aftercare involved with laser hair removal. And after a few treatments, you should be able to see a strong reduction in hair growth.

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