Arm Laser Hair Removal

The removal of hair by laser is a relatively new method for resolving the issue of excess hair. Even though it has been used experimentally for many years, it has been available to the public only since the 1990s.
Arm hair laser removal is a long lasting solution for removing hair from the arms. Unwanted arm hair on both men and women can tend to be unattractive and cause some people to become insecure about the way they look. Hair on a man’s arm can be coarse and dense and may cause great insecurity.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

~a fast method to clear large areas of hair
~may result in permanent reduction of hair growth
~available for many different body parts
~treatments are set a month or two apart
~the treatment time is short compared to other hair removal methods

Laser hair removal is the procedure of removing hair by a laser. This laser is used to damage hair follicles and then prevent them from producing hair. It targets the melanin in the hair follicles, heats them and then destroys the darker-colored areas and leaves the lighter-colored areas unaffected. The duration of the laser on the hair follicle is matched to the person’s skin type and hair growth. D

Arm laser hair removal uses three different types of lasers:

1. Ruby. rarely used and only on very light skin
2. Pulsed Diode Array. mainly used on light to medium types of skin
3. Hd:YAG: used on dark skin and can be used on 6 different skin types

Although there are other ways of removing hair, each has limitations as to its ease of use and effectiveness. Traditional methods like waxing or shaving only offer a short term solution and can be messy, time-consuming and sometimes even painful. Shaving is not very practical with quick re-growth of hair. Electrolysis can be expensive and painful, requiring may sessions before improvement is seen. Arm hair laser removal is a fast method, well tolerated and is quickly becoming a first option for removing unwanted hair.

The process of arm laser hair removal may take 3 to 5 treatments. One session lasts less than an hour, though treatment does vary from person to person based on his or her hair thickness and surface area being treated. The cost of a session is between $250 and $500 and annual maintenance may be needed to ensure hair is not growing back.

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