Women may have seen at least one hair threading salon in their lifetime. Although these seem like terribly painful operations, they are not as bad as they seem.

In fact, an experienced hair threader can remove eyebrow hair in the cleanest manner possible.

Some people have commented that threading is a bizarre, foreign practice. In fact, the unique threading technique is an ancient method in countries such as Egypt and India. The sophisticated hair uprooting movement requires the practitioner to roll a twisted cotton thread around hairlines in order to remove them

This is a very technical practice that requires copious amounts of training. In fact, very few people can actually thread the hair properly. Many inexperienced salon workers end up causing more pain to their client than is necessary.

However, the procedure is still fascinating to watch or to try out. In one appointment, the practitioner typically wraps a circle of thread and winds it up 10 or more times. He or she then places the wound portion next to the hair and winds it against the hair. The winding pressure of the thread enables it to pull out the hair from the follicle.

The movement takes many months of practice to execute effectively. This is probably why threading is fairly expensive at salons and spas. According to about.com, threading could cost anywhere between $6 and $60, depending on where a person wants to remove hair on his or her body.

Threading shouldn’t cause too much pain, if done properly. However, there are many other disadvantages to a threading procedure. The thread sometimes ends up breaking the hair, rather than uprooting it from the skin. This often causes the hair to grow back more quickly than it should.

Threading is also most effective on the face. Usually threading will not uproot the hair unless it performed on a fairly flat surface. Thus, people probably couldn’t remove any of the hair on their legs or bikini line by using a cotton thread. The hair also has to grow to at least 1/16 of an inch. [click to continue…]

Gigi is the most recognizable manufacturer of wax warmers, but other companies also provide their own alternative devices. Sally Hansen recently started selling their wax warmer with results that are not nearly adequate.

In fact, many users of the Sally Hansen wax warmer kit were disappointed with either the electronic device or the wax itself.

Certainly Sally Hansen’s wax warmer comes packaged with everything that a person needs to wax the hair off his or her body. It includes the warmer, wax and three wooden spatulas to spread the wax. The wax is stripless, which means that it does not need cloth strips to rip the wax off the skin.

The entire kit is available for an inexpensive $20 price. It could have worked as an excellent value package for customers on a tight budget. Instead, the package suffers from a wide number of irritating flaws.

The warmer certainly works, but the design of it just reeks of shoddiness. Most people who operated it successfully said that they had to press the tin wax container all the way down inside. The wax is heated on the bottom, so first-time users must distribute the wax evenly around so that every part heats properly.

The cylinder-shaped heater is missing a crucial feature for the heat settings. Sally Hansen doesn’t use an adjustable temperature dial that allows people to control the heat level for waxing. Thus, users of the device could overheat the wax. This could cause the wax to burn terribly when it comes in contact with the skin.

Not every model of the device is designed in the same way either. Even when the heater works, many customers commented that the wax only starts to melt after 25 minutes. Other people stated that the warmer works perfectly fine. This means that not every Sally Hansen model is consistent. Certain heaters may work, while others may not even heat the wax at all. The device has not impressed many bloggers, who were fed up with such an inconsistent piece of electronics.

Another problem with Sally Hansen’s kit involves the wax itself. Unlike other brands, Sally Hansen’s wax is a stripless form. This means that users will not have to use a cloth strip to remove the wax. They simply rip the wax cleanly off with their hands.

The wax isn’t supposed to hurt. Unfortunately, many people already complained that the gooey mix is a pain to work with. One particular person who was using the product for a Brazilian wax procedure commented that the sticky wax  does not rip off very easily. Others noted that the process left itchy red spots on their skin. The biggest issue with Sally Hansen is that her kit simply doesn’t provide dependable results for everyone.

Rather than bothering with Sally Hansen, people should do themselves a favor. They should purchase the standard Gigi Wax Warmer. It is a reliable heater that comes with a controllable thermostat to adjust the heat level. It comes with everything that a person really needs to wax his or her hair off from the comfort of home.

Very few shaving companies have ever created a viral ad aired by many major news networks. The Dollar Shave Club did just that, with a mail order deal that could blow every man’s socks off.

However, the online club could put a dent in people’s budget with deals that are too good to be true.

The company is a delivery service that operates very similarly to Netflix. The Dollar Shave Club offers three monthly payment plans on its website, dollarshaveclub.com. The most attractive plan, the 4x, includes a four-blade razor. Although these tools are easy to buy in a store, many of these retail brands have expensive replacement blades. In contrast to this, the Dollar Shave Club mails the shaver and four cartridges to a person’s house every month for only $6 per month.

The Dollar Shave Club claims itself as the perfect online alternative. According to its YouTube video, it offers low cost razors that are f***ing great. From what every other customer has said, this seems like an excellent deal that no man could possibly resist.

In spite of its claims, the 4x monthly deal could easily become a big ripoff in the long run. Let’s assume that someone stayed on the monthly plan for three years. In that time, this customer will have paid a total of $216 to receive about 144 cartridges. This means that the person has paid $1.50 for every cartridge he received.

All in all, this is a decent deal if the person actually needs to change the blade once every week. Although this might seem like a great bargain, many customers often find themselves using the same razor cartridge for at least two or three weeks before they need to change it. After a certain point, they will undoubtably hold more blades than they will ever need.

The plan could force people to pay more money than they ever wanted to pay for a mail service delivery of shaver supplies. For anyone who is willing to do the math, the most expensive retail razor packet on amazon.com is for a Gillette ProGlide, which uses four blades in each cartridge. Each package on amazon.com costs about $10 for four cartridges. This costs about $2.50 per cartridge.

Technically, the Dollar Shave Club offers the better deal. Unfortunately, it is only a good deal if customers switch cartridges every week. Most users probably will not need to change the blade for about two to three weeks. Thus, they will end up stockpiling more cartridges than they ever need to use. They will also end up paying for them every month, even if they don’t care to use them.

Thus, unless a person is a big razor junkie, don’t count on joining the Dollar Shave Club. Besides, people typically reuse their shaver regularly. Most of them wouldn’t bother to change the blade every week unless their hair is exceptionally thick.

If anyone joins, then that person should stick with lowest price package. For only $3 a month, the club can send the customer a stainless steel, twin-blade razor with five cartridges. As a monthly price breakdown, this calculates to about $1 for the shaver with the cartridges and $2 for shipping and handling. [click to continue…]

In one of our previous articles, a barber recommended that people exfoliate their skin before using an electric shaver. Although this might help the shaver remove the entire hair, exfoliation probably isn’t necessary.

Exfoliation can help keep the skin smooth, but don’t count on using it every day before a shave.

In most cases, exfoliation is supposed to remove dead skin cells from the topmost layer of the epidermis. This allows a person to look more youthful, because exfoliation sheds off the dry, wrinkled surface to reveal the cleaner part underneath. It can help to loosen the hair follicles, so that the electric shave can possibly pull out more of the follicle’s root from the shaft. However, the entire process could actually redden the skin, if a person exfoliates every day.

The reddening occurs because not enough dead skin cells have accumulated on the surface. Because of this, the person is actually exfoliating the remaining new skin cells, exposing the more vulnerable layers beneath. This causes more harm than is necessary, especially if men or women are shaving the hair off afterwards.

Our website has covered a few common physical exfoliators, such as pumice stones and microfiber mitts. Although many of these tools worked decently, most people probably wouldn’t use them every day in the first place. The entire process takes too much rubbing for what its worth.

There are also chemical exfoliation creams and procedures. Some of these creams include lotions such as Dove’s Gentle Exfoliating Nourishing Body Wash. These bio-engineered products use chemicals such as alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids. These are chemical peels that work in a manner similar to [click to continue…]

Many women like to pluck their eyebrows to make their eyes look vibrant. Although most of them probably cannot pluck their brows like the salon experts, practice makes perfect.

Plenty of tools are available for women to perfect their eyebrow-plucking skills without breaking the bank.

The most common items for shaping eyebrows include the tweezers and the eyeliner/eyebrow pencil. Plucking eyebrows with the tweezers could become very time consuming. However, many women find that the resulting eyebrow line looks cleaner and much more elegant.

Some people may want to uproot as much hair as possible with tweezers. Unfortunately, this can often many the brows look messy and uneven. If a woman puts makeup and cosmetics on first, the tweezers could slip when they try to pull out hairs.

Thus, it is important for women to wash their face with warm water first, to remove any grease or dirt that could be on the skin. This helps to moisturize and soften the pores of the skin, so that the tweezers can pull hair out of the follicles more easily.

Second, plan out a tweezing strategy. Don’t just yank out as much hair as possible. Use an eyebrow or eyeliner pencil to mark the inside boundaries of where [click to continue…]

No one wants to pay for a $200 shaver unless they get their money’s worth. Thankfully, Braun’s top-of-the-line electric razor delivers everything imaginable.

The Braun Series 7 790cc has long battery life and close shaving performance that gives big spenders what they deserve.

The price of the 790cc is more likely to scare people from ever buying it. After all, most guys would rather buy a high-definition television or a game system with that kind of dough. However, the razor is an extraordinary value for what people get out of such a purchase.

Braun advertises that its shaver packs in 50 minutes of shaving time in every single charge, but the actual performance lasts longer than this duration. Users can regularly shave for between 60 to 75 minutes. No matter how hairy a man’s face is, the 790cc probably works long enough to shave the hair off.

The device implements a number of features to add flexibility to the shaving system. [click to continue…]

For anyone complaining that their epilator doesn’t have enough tweezers, Emjoi came up with the hardcore solution for them.

Emjoi’s most fearsome new epilator includes 72 tweezers that are guaranteed to remove every unnecessary hair.

The average shopper will definitely wonder whether an epilator really needs this many tweezers. Thankfully, Emjoi is one of the most reliable epilator manufacturers in the world. This is probably why amazon.com consumers frequently give rave reviews about Emjoi over every other brand. The company’s $100 AP-18 Emagine has gained considerable acclaim for its comfortable, economic design.

Most epilator shoppers have either hunted for one of two different types of epilators. The first type use a dual rotating heads to catch and remove the hairs mechanically. The other type uses tweezers to uproot the hairs. Emjoi’s AP-18 Emagine uses dual-opposed tweezers. This means that two tweezer discs rotate in opposite directions from each other when activated.

According to one of the company’s promotional videos, the discs help to stretch out the skin comfortably with its mechanical motion. While the discs keep the skin taut, the 72 tweezer heads catch the thin hairs so that they can uproot them.

Although the hair removal process seems like a rather painful procedure, the tweezers are staggered evenly around the disc. Unlike other brands, Emjoi doesn’t jam certain parts of the disc with too many tweezers. This allows the device to evenly pull the hair from the root without damaging the surface of the skin.

The epilator is especially effective, now that it has 72 tweezers to pull out hair. The large number increases the likelihood that the epilator will uproot all the hairs from each corresponding portion of skin. Thus, the hair removal process is quicker than ever before, thanks to the new technology in the AP-18. [click to continue…]

Manufacturers of women’s razors often have trouble differentiating their products from the myriad of competing razors. Schick found a unique way to level the competition by adding a shaving cream bar next to the blade on its new Intuition.

People may wonder how Schick’s product works. The Intuition is a four-blade razor that actually layers a skin conditioner around the blades. This means that women no longer need extra shaving cream to soften the skin before shaving. Now they only need water on the skin, so that the razor can build up lather onto the wet area.

The blade has its own share of critics who have either praised the new product or dismissed it as a waste of time and money. The razor seems to provide exceptional results for most women. However, some people noted that the blade does not provide the absolute closest shave. Women may have to run the razor over the skin four or five times before it removes the hair.

In spite of these tenuous problems, the Intuition quickly grew in popularity this year. Consumer Reports named the Intuition as one of the best products in 2011. Numerous women recommend it over the No! No! electric hair remover, because the Intuition does not produce the irritating odor of burnt skin.

Schick has already taken note of the Intuition’s popularity, by releasing various different packages of the Intuition. For starters, Schick provided the Intuition Plus, which uses different types of moisturizers to accompany the shaving cream bar. Another edition, the Intuition Natural, is hypoallergenic and [click to continue…]

Men’s shavers are reputable for their clean, close cut on facial hair. Women’s shavers, on the other hand, are designed in a slightly different fashion.

Women’s shavers cannot shave as closely as the men’s counterpart, but they provide plenty of gender-specific features for a gentler feel.

Before anyone argues about which type of shaver is better, let us point out that we are not favoring one over the other. The electric brands of shavers for women are designed for the thinner hairs on women’s legs, rather than the thick bristles on a man’s face. This means that blades are generally not as close as the men’s.

Thus, there are plenty of gender-specific features on both shavers. The biggest difference really has more to do with the different texture of hair between each gender. The beards and mustaches of men often consist of a rough texture that requires a closer shave. The leg hair on women is thinner and more manageable, but women also need to shave the hair off of more hard-to-reach areas, such as the ankles or the armpits.

The best shavers for women provide more helpful features to adjust to the customer’s needs. For instance, Panasonic’s Close Curves shaver has a pivoting head that can follow the more flexible contours of these areas. The Close Curves comes with a special bikini trimmer head that can shave off the thicker hairs along the bikini line. It also has a pop-up trimmer to cut any longer hairs on the body.

The women’s brands were more or less designed to prevent irritation after a shaving procedure. With all that said, there’s no reason for a woman to not at least try out a men’s shaver. Both types have their own pros or cons. In some cases, women may prefer the men’s brands if they have thick hairs or if they suffer from more severe conditions of unwanted hair growth. [click to continue…]

Laser hair removal is often too expensive for the average, everyday shopper. While the Silk’n Flash and Go may not sway their opinion too greatly, it is a very attractive product.

The Flash and Go’s compact size and higher number of pulses makes it an excellent improvement over previous at-home iterations.

The price for an at-home laser is still very expensive. Right now, the Silk’n Flash and Go costs about $300, which isn’t that much cheaper than the most popular brands of at-home lasers. However, the Flash and Go carries plenty of advantages over the old Silk’n SensEpil.

For starters, the Flash and Go has a lamp cartridge that carries 1,000 pulses of light. The lamp has 250 more pulses than its predecessor, the Silk’n SensEpil. This means that the Flash and Go can operate for a much longer time than before.

The laser is geared for a different type of hair removal, though. The 4-centimeter treatment window of the Flash and Go is smaller than the 6-centimeter window of the SensEpil. Thus, the Flash and Go is better suited for facial treatments below the cheeks, which require a much more narrow light range. It is also [click to continue…]

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