What Does Laser Hair Removal Feel Like?

December 28, 2010 in Hair Removal 101

While most people who remove their hair on a frequent basis knows what its like to shave or wax, far from everyone knows what laser hair removal feels like. While laser hair removal is gaining popularity, there is still a fair amount of people who have never tried it, especially in comparison to other methods. Laser hair removal is the only method that offers permanent reduction in hair, so it is no wonder that it has piqued the curiosity of many people.

The way something feels can be perceived in many different ways. And sensation is, as always, highly individual, meaning the way laser hair removal is felt by one person can be completely different from how it is felt by another. That being said, the process is often described as a sharp rubber band snapping against the skin. It can also be described as something burning or stinging the skin, and is in fact, doing just that.

Laser hair removal, as its name suggests, uses a laser in order to treat the hairs. The laser produces a high degree of heat, which is needed in order to damage the hair follicles. The laser device is moved and pressed against the skin repeatedly over the area to be treated, about one second at a time, until the whole area has been treated. This means that laser hair removal will feel like many frequent small snaps or burns. As a result of a laser session, the client will in fact sometimes have what looks and feels like a mild sunburn, but this is common, will go away on its own, and is nothing to be alarmed about.

The repeated feeling of having something snapping or burning against the skin makes many prospective laser hair removal clients concerned about pain and discomfort. Good thing is that there are several ways in which this pain or discomfort can be alleviated. Clients who frequently undergo laser hair removal swear that a numbing cream as well as painkillers takes away most, if not all, of the pain. However, despite preventative measures, a small amount of discomfort can usually be expected, and this is something that simply needs to be dealt with. Another positive thing is that treatments are quick and often completed in 20-30 minutes, sometimes even faster, depending on the area.

While laser hair removal can definitely cause an uncomfortable feeling, it will most likely be worth it, as no other hair removal method can offer what laser hair removal can, a long term or permanent reduction of hair. But those interested in this treatment and think they can handle it should keep in mind that it is not a one time procedure, as laser hair removal requires at least three to six sessions spaced apart by about four weeks in order to see satisfactory results.

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