Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hairs

December 25, 2010 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

Most of us have experienced ingrown hairs at some point, and we all know how frustrating it can be. An ingrown hair happens when the hair follicle cannot find its way out, but grows back underneath the skin. Ingrown hairs are fairly common in any area that is shaved frequently and can result in little bumps that can easily get infected. The unpleasant condition of having ingrown hairs can cause redness, irritation and even pain. Laser hair removal could be the solution to anyone who is simply tired of dealing with ingrown hairs.

While there are many different solutions to treat ingrown hairs, such as exfoliating, adjusting the shaving technique or using certain skin products, ingrown hairs can still be a reoccurring problem that is hard to end. While most remedies are usually temporary, laser hair removal is probably the only permanent solution. Given that the person who performs the treatment is experienced enough, laser hair removal is a safe procedure that can treat ingrown hairs with high success.

Laser hair removal works by holding a laser device against the skin, one second at a time, until the whole area has been treated. The heat from the laser device will damage the hair follicles, hopefully to the point where they cannot grow back. This means that laser hair removal treats the ingrown hairs by destroying them at the root. However, due to the fact that hair grows in three different stages, at least three sessions spaced apart by four weeks will be needed in order to permanently reduce the ingrown hairs. It is not uncommon to need up to six sessions to treat all hairs.

There is a possibility that some of the hairs that have been treated will grow back, but this is mostly due to the fact that hair grows in different stages. Sometimes, the hair might grow back for other reasons, a change of hormone levels in the body or for other unknown reasons. Even though there is a possibility that the hair will grow back at some point, laser hair removal still offers a long term solution to ingrown hairs.

Individuals with curly hair can be more prone to having ingrown hairs, as it is easier for these hairs to get trapped under the skin, simply due to their characteristics. However, it is important to note that individuals with darker skin will need a different laser type than those with fair skin. The Nd:YAG laser hair removal machine is usually recommended for anyone with a darker complexion.

Thanks to laser hair removal technology, those individuals who frequently have ingrown hairs do not have to put up with the frustrating condition anymore. While laser hair removal most often leads to a partial reduction in hair, there is a possibility that all ingrown hairs can be eliminated, but time and patience will be needed in order to reach that point. Laser hair removal could very well be the end to ingrown hairs.

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