Laser Hair Removal – What If I Don’t See Results?

April 18, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Waiting for the results to show is perhaps the most exciting part of laser hair removal. An considerable amount of time and money goes into committing one self to laser hair removal, so wanting to see results as soon as possible is highly understandable. But truth is, while laser hair removal practitioners can certainly recommend an approximate number of sessions, no one can say exactly when the first bit of difference will be noticeable. Lucky individuals who were good candidates for laser hair removal to begin with, and found an excellent clinic to perform their laser sessions, might see results after three sessions. But there have also been reports of individuals who saw little to no difference, even after several sessions.

What anyone considering laser hair removal needs to understand is that it is not a quick and magical solution that can vanish all hairs right away, instead, patience and good faith is needed as laser hair removal takes time to complete. If an individual is going to a highly rated laser hair removal clinic, the results are very likely to come, even though it is hard to say exactly when. For some people, the results will start to show in form of less hair that grows back even after two or three sessions, while for other people it will take longer to see results.

The reason why it can take longer for some people to see results can be because they have thick, dense or coarse hair that needs additional treatments. But in some other cases, the laser hair removal practitioner who performed the treatments perhaps didn’t have the right skill or was not experienced enough. It is also important to use the appropriate laser machine considering the client’s skin and hair color. If the laser machine has different settings, using a setting that is high enough to damage the hair without doing too much damage to the skin is also important and requires some of the aforementioned skills.

Most people who undergo laser hair removal will see results, though again, it is hard to say exactly when or how much of the hair will be gone. People who had successful laser hair removal sessions often report that they have much smoother skin with little to no hair left. It is possible that maintenance sessions can be needed in the future as hair can repair itself and grow back at some point or grow back for other reasons, such as hormonal. But laser hair removal is still worth it for many people as they can stay hair free for a longer period of time and avoid other more temporary hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. Being well informed and doing a good amount of research, as well as picking the best clinic before starting laser hair removal are perhaps the most important keys to seeing great results.

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