Hair Removal for the Ears

April 25, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Hair removal on the more common areas of the body are usually not embarrassing to talk about, especially among women, who in fact seem to enjoy sharing hair removal tips and tricks among them. But dealing with unwanted hair on more unusual areas, such as the ears, can be a different story and people often hesitate to talk about having hair on a place they feel they are not supposed to. But hair on the ears is not that rare, especially not among men. Men who already have excess hair all over the face and body are more likely to have hair on their ears too. But good news is that these undesired hairs can be eliminated, and sometimes even for good.

It is mostly men that deal with unwanted hair on the ears and many different methods are available to get rid of them, both at home and in a professional setting. Among the most important differences between all these hair removal methods is that some are permanent and others are not. When a hair removal method is not permanent it means that the hair will grow back, usually after a couple of weeks. Choosing a permanent hair removal method can be good for someone dealing with embarrassing hairs on the ears because the hairs will be gone for at least a longer period of time.

When it comes to non permanent hair removal options for removing hair on the ears, shaving is easy and straight forward, but great care is required when shaving a tricky area like the ears because it can easily lead to nicks, cuts and bleeding. Waxing can also be done to remove these annoying hairs but does require some skill to get it right, so perhaps going to a salon would be a better option. There is no need to hesitate or be embarrassed when inquiring about removing hairs on the ears because professional waxers have already waxed every area imaginable. There are also a variety of small tools sold online and in TV commercials that can be used to remove ear hair, but these methods are usually not permanent either.

The hair removal methods that have a chance of removing ear hairs for good are laser hair removal, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and electrolysis. Out of the three, IPL and laser hair removal are the most comparable. Both use devices that are placed on the skin and generate heat in order to destroy the hair follicles, but IPL is more of a light based device while lasers are, just that, real lasers. Electrolysis is different because it uses a very fine probe instead, but which is electrified and destroys the hair follicle as it is inserted. All three methods require several visits to the clinic as all hairs cannot be destroyed in one session. But with some patience, ear hairs can definitely be removed for good.

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