Epilator Devices vs. Laser Hair Removal

April 11, 2011 in Hair Removal 101

Epilator devices are electrical handheld tools that grasp and pull out many hairs at once. They have been around for several decades and are still used by many women as new and improved epilators are constantly introduced to the market. Laser hair removal is a newer invention and is usually done in a professional setting, but can also be done at home as laser hair removal devices for home use are available for purchase by anyone. Both of these hair removal methods have pros and cons, but by comparing them side by side individuals looking to remove their unwanted hair will get a feel of whether any of them might be a good option.

Considering an epilator device can be a choice for anyone who is tired of other hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing. An epilator can be used on the face and body, and has an advantage over shaving because it extracts hairs by the root, which leads to smoother skin. It can also be better than waxing in that there is no mess involved. However, many women feel that epilators are very painful, almost in a torturous way. And it hurts the most right as the hairs are being pulled out. But luckily there are ways to minimize the pain, such as taking a hot bath before, or getting used to the feeling. The epilator needs to be moved in repetitive strokes, until all hair appears to be gone, but some women find it difficult to master the technique and are left with stubble. Other women also find this hair removal method to be time consuming.

Laser hair removal has a competitive advantage over most other hair removal methods because it can lead to a permanent or long term reduction of hair. It is most often done in a salon by a laser hair removal practitioner. This treatment can be done almost anywhere on the face and body and is best suited for someone with fair skin and dark hair, even though tanned and darker skin tones can also be treated. The laser device works by releasing a pulse, which is very hot, over the skin. The hairs cannot withstand the heat and die where after they fall out about ten days later. Because of the different hair growth stages, the treatment needs to be repeated because all hairs cannot be treated at once. Laser hair removal can be experienced as painful by some, but numbing cream can ease the discomfort.

Laser hair removal can lead to permanent reduction of hair, while the use of an epilator cannot. The epilator will just pull out the hairs, much like waxing, but the hairs will grow back. In other words, the epilator will not contribute to a permanent reduction, which gives laser hair removal an advantage. An epilator can be used in the convenience of ones home, but so can a laser hair removal device, as they are available for purchase.

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