Laser Hair Removal: Can “Peach Fuzz” Be Treated?

September 20, 2010 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal,Electrolysis

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Peach fuzz hair, which in clinical terms is called vellus hair, is very fine, thin, light colored hair that covers parts of the body and face. Peach fuzz hair can be quite common on a woman’s face, and although sometimes only visible in direct sunlight or under close examination, it can still be a bothersome condition to many. Those with peach fuzz hair on their face, sometimes end up considering laser hair removal as a method of removing it.

Though laser hair removal is an excellent way of reducing “normal” hair, also called terminal hair, which is thick, long and dark, it may not achieve the same results on peach fuzz hair. In fact, there have been many cases where clients have reported that the peach fuzz hair that was treated by laser hair removal has grown back longer and thicker and there is an explanation why.

In laser hair removal the goal is to damage the hair follicle to the point where it cannot grow back. But the laser is mainly attracted to dark hair, and peach fuzz hair is not dark enough, so the laser cannot properly treat it. Though there is no scientific proof, there is speculation as to why the peach fuzz hair can grow back stronger. During laser hair removal a peach fuzz hair follicle might only get minimally damaged and not destroyed, this might make the hair follicle more likely to regenerate itself and become thicker and longer than before. If the hair follicle is only partially damaged, the body might try to “repair” it by supplying more blood to it.

While some laser hair removal clinics might agree to treat the peach fuzz, it might be a better idea not to, as you do not want a possible increase in hair growth. And it would be even more challenging to get rid of the peach fuzz hair that has been invigorated by the laser. If you have long, thick and dark hair, laser hair removal is perhaps the best technology for eliminating or reducing it. However, if you have peach fuzz hair you might want to consider an alternative hair removal solution. But keep in mind that peach fuzz hair is sensitive to all hair removal methods, including laser treatments, and instead of being eliminated, these hairs can be revitalized. Electrolysis could be the only permanent solution in reducing peach fuzz.

If you have what looks like peach fuzz, and you are not sure if it can be treated or not, go for a complimentary evaluation at a highly rated laser hair removal clinic. They should be able to give you their honest opinion. Many laser hair removal practitioners firmly agree that laser hair removal is not effective on peach fuzz hair and that it is best not to treat those hairs with laser.

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