Hansen’s Problematic Wax Warmer

July 23, 2012 in Hair Removal 101

Gigi is the most recognizable manufacturer of wax warmers, but other companies also provide their own alternative devices. Sally Hansen recently started selling their wax warmer with results that are not nearly adequate.

In fact, many users of the Sally Hansen wax warmer kit were disappointed with either the electronic device or the wax itself.

Certainly Sally Hansen’s wax warmer comes packaged with everything that a person needs to wax the hair off his or her body. It includes the warmer, wax and three wooden spatulas to spread the wax. The wax is stripless, which means that it does not need cloth strips to rip the wax off the skin.

The entire kit is available for an inexpensive $20 price. It could have worked as an excellent value package for customers on a tight budget. Instead, the package suffers from a wide number of irritating flaws.

The warmer certainly works, but the design of it just reeks of shoddiness. Most people who operated it successfully said that they had to press the tin wax container all the way down inside. The wax is heated on the bottom, so first-time users must distribute the wax evenly around so that every part heats properly.

The cylinder-shaped heater is missing a crucial feature for the heat settings. Sally Hansen doesn’t use an adjustable temperature dial that allows people to control the heat level for waxing. Thus, users of the device could overheat the wax. This could cause the wax to burn terribly when it comes in contact with the skin.

Not every model of the device is designed in the same way either. Even when the heater works, many customers commented that the wax only starts to melt after 25 minutes. Other people stated that the warmer works perfectly fine. This means that not every Sally Hansen model is consistent. Certain heaters may work, while others may not even heat the wax at all. The device has not impressed many bloggers, who were fed up with such an inconsistent piece of electronics.

Another problem with Sally Hansen’s kit involves the wax itself. Unlike other brands, Sally Hansen’s wax is a stripless form. This means that users will not have to use a cloth strip to remove the wax. They simply rip the wax cleanly off with their hands.

The wax isn’t supposed to hurt. Unfortunately, many people already complained that the gooey mix is a pain to work with. One particular person who was using the product for a Brazilian wax procedure commented that the sticky wax¬† does not rip off very easily. Others noted that the process left itchy red spots on their skin. The biggest issue with Sally Hansen is that her kit simply doesn’t provide dependable results for everyone.

Rather than bothering with Sally Hansen, people should do themselves a favor. They should purchase the standard Gigi Wax Warmer. It is a reliable heater that comes with a controllable thermostat to adjust the heat level. It comes with everything that a person really needs to wax his or her hair off from the comfort of home.

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