How Threading Can Actually Remove Hair

July 26, 2012 in Hair Removal 101

Women may have seen at least one hair threading salon in their lifetime. Although these seem like terribly painful operations, they are not as bad as they seem.

In fact, an experienced hair threader can remove eyebrow hair in the cleanest manner possible.

Some people have commented that threading is a bizarre, foreign practice. In fact, the unique threading technique is an ancient method in countries such as Egypt and India. The sophisticated hair uprooting movement requires the practitioner to roll a twisted cotton thread around hairlines in order to remove them

This is a very technical practice that requires copious amounts of training. In fact, very few people can actually thread the hair properly. Many inexperienced salon workers end up causing more pain to their client than is necessary.

However, the procedure is still fascinating to watch or to try out. In one appointment, the practitioner typically wraps a circle of thread and winds it up 10 or more times. He or she then places the wound portion next to the hair and winds it against the hair. The winding pressure of the thread enables it to pull out the hair from the follicle.

The movement takes many months of practice to execute effectively. This is probably why threading is fairly expensive at salons and spas. According to, threading could cost anywhere between $6 and $60, depending on where a person wants to remove hair on his or her body.

Threading shouldn’t cause too much pain, if done properly. However, there are many other disadvantages to a threading procedure. The thread sometimes ends up breaking the hair, rather than uprooting it from the skin. This often causes the hair to grow back more quickly than it should.

Threading is also most effective on the face. Usually threading will not uproot the hair unless it performed on a fairly flat surface. Thus, people probably couldn’t remove any of the hair on their legs or bikini line by using a cotton thread. The hair also has to grow to at least 1/16 of an inch.

In spite of all these drawbacks, threading is still an attractive alternative to using hair removal creams. For one thing, the practice is much more sanitary than if a person rub chemical hair removal liquid on his or her face. People will not end up damaging their skin with dangerous artificial mixtures.

This form of hair removal is also safe for every skin color type. While laser hair removal could potentially damage darker-colored skin, threading doesn’t use laser technology. Thus, no one will have to worry about searing laser damage if they simply visit a threader at a salon or spa.

Although people may have a tough time finding a local spa or salon with a threader, the practice is slowly becoming more popular in America. Threading is a very unique technique that could provide permanent results if used often enough. Don’t be surprised if a threader happens to provide his or her services in the neighborhood someday.

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