Hair Removal Methods that Promise Permanent Reduction

February 22, 2011 in Laser hair removal,Electrolysis

Far from all hair removal methods offer permanent reduction. In fact, there are only three methods that can lead to permanent or long term reduction of hair: laser hair removal, IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and electrolysis. All three methods have been studied and proven to result in a short or long term absence of hair, but only electrolysis is recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as permanent.

Laser hair removal, electrolysis and IPL are highly comparable in terms of methodology but the laser treatment and IPL are the most similar. While laser hair removal uses a real laser, IPL is a light, but they still function similarly. Electrolysis is different because it uses an electric current rather than a laser or light beam. More specifically, the laser and IPL work by producing a high degree of heat, which when applied to the skin will burn the hair follicles and make it difficult for them to grow back. The concept for electrolysis is similar in that the hair follicles are damaged, but it uses an electric current instead to do so.

Another very important difference between these hair removal methods is that electrolysis can only treat hairs one by one, while a laser and IPL can treat any area of the face or body much faster. Because electrolysis can only treat hairs individually it becomes a slow and time consuming for large areas and is usually only recommended for the face. This means that laser hair removal and IPL are better hair removal methods for the body than electrolysis is, but they can also be used on the face.

What all three of these hair removal methods have in common is that a single session is never enough to keep hairs at bay. Hairs are programmed to grow in three different stages and can be very stubborn and resistant, so repetitive treatments are a must. Because of the different stages of growth, an absolute minimum of three sessions is necessary, but clients often need more than that. However, after four or five treatments the client should be able to see a clear difference or a strong reduction in hair. If there is no difference despite many sessions, the client may want to see a different clinic as the skill of the practitioner is key in terms of efficiency.

In regards to whether IPL, laser hair removal or electrolysis is the most efficient for permanent hair removal, the answer will depend on who is being asked. Hair removal practitioners will usually tout their own machines, but overall laser and electrolysis have good reputations. Laser hair removal is especially good for those looking to treat larger areas fast, while electrolysis can efficiently treat facial hairs. Anyone considering laser hair removal, IPL or electrolysis should find a reputable clinic first, where after they should schedule a consultation which is a great time to ask questions and raise concerns.

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