Laser Hair Removal for the Bikini Line

February 19, 2011 in Laser hair removal

bikini lineThe bikini line is a very popular area for laser hair removal and one of the areas that are most commonly requested by women, but also by a small number of men. An abundance of hair in the bikini area is generally considered unattractive, so it is no wonder that wanting to remove some or all of the hair in this area is highly desired. While many women only get professional hair removal services before an important event, such as a vacation or honeymoon, many other women prefer to stay groomed year around. A laser can be a great tool to safely and efficiently reduce hair in the bikini line, for both women and men.

Getting rid of the hair in the bikini line will for many people increase their self confidence, whether on the beach, in the pool or in an intimate situation. But this type of hair is also commonly removed by athletes, who participate in sports where swim attire is required. While men often requires only a “speedo”, meaning removal of the hair that falls outside the bikini line, hair in the bikini area can be removed in any way imaginable. Frequent shaving of the bikini line can easily lead to irritation and waxing needs to be repeated, so it is no wonder that many people look for other methods. Laser hair removal is superior to most other hair removal methods because it can lead to permanent or long term reduction of the hair. While removing only the hair in the bikini line is a standard laser hair removal procedure, partial and even full removals are not uncommon.

The bikini line area can be a very sensitive part of the body, and it is possible for laser hair removal to hurt more than usual when treating it. This is because the laser device produces an intense heat while in operation, and this heat is needed to damage the hair follicles, but at the same time can also slightly burn the skin. Laser hair removal, especially on the bikini line, is often described as painful, but there are steps one can take to make the treatment tolerable. Most laser hair removal practitioners have a numbing cream that they can apply prior to treatment. A painkiller can also be taken before the session. If the client is concerned about pain it should be discussed during the consultation.

Performing laser hair removal on the bikini line is common among most laser hair removal practitioners so there is no need to hesitate or feel embarrassed. The hair may not need to be shaved before treatment, but should never be plucked or waxed, and this should be discussed during the consultation. Laser hair removal on the bikini line is a safe and efficient procedure as long as being treated by an experienced practitioner. But at least three sessions spaced apart by about four weeks will be needed in order to see a difference.

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