Does Laser Hair Removal Work on Everyone?

August 20, 2010 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

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For many years laser hair removal was only efficient on people with fair skin and dark hair. While it is true that some lasers are more efficient on people with this combination, laser hair removal is now becoming a popular hair removal option for those with dark skin.

People with dark skin or light hair were once considered poor candidates for laser hair removal, but are now accepted for laser hair removal treatment and can achieve satisfactory results.

Though new technology has made it possible to treat anyone, individuals with dark hair and fair skin are best suited for laser hair removal. This is because the laser is absorbed more fully by darker pigment. Fine or light colored hair such as white, grey, blond or red hair does not respond as well to laser hair removal treatment. Individuals with these hair types may not be the optimal candidates for laser hair removal.

The pigment in the dark hair absorbs more light energy and is therefore easier to treat. In addition, individuals with darker complexions or dark tans will have less of a benefit from the laser because the pigment in the skin will absorb some of the light energy of the laser.

Laser hair removal will still work better for certain hair and skin types, such as those with dark hair and fair skin, but treatments are becoming more available to everyone.

Dark hair, light skin, and course hair are the easiest to treat. These patients typically see the best results and require fewer treatment sessions.

People with dark skin need to be treated carefully because the dark skin interferes with the laser light even before reaching the hair. Individuals with tanned skin should wait for their tan to fade in order to achieve the best results.

Even though laser hair removal is becoming more common on darker skin, it requires a greater amount of caution as to not damage the skin, making it a more time consuming process, making more treatments necessary.

The Diode laser is generally considered a fast and efficient laser type on nearly anyone, though the Nd:Yag laser is the most effective on dark skin tones.

If you have not been a good candidate for laser hair removal in the past, there is a chance that there is now a laser type that is safe and efficient on you.

Today laser hair removal can treat a wide variety of people effectively and safely. People of various skin tones and hair types have the opportunity to benefit from the latest in laser treatments. However, not every laser clinic uses the same equipment so it is important to find one that can work with your specific hair and skin type.

To know whether laser hair removal will work for you it is best to meet with a hair removal specialist, who can give you all the answers you need.

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