Laser Hair Removal – Will It Work For Me?

March 4, 2011 in Hair Removal 101,Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal provides what sounds like a dream to anyone who has been struggling with unwanted hair, a long term or permanent reduction of hair. So it is no wonder that laser hair removal has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in recent times. But as many people know, laser hair removal may not work for everyone, and this depends on many different factors. Those lucky individuals that do get to experience the benefits of laser hair removal will enjoy smooth skin for a long period of time, however laser hair removal will not result in the same outcome for everyone.

Laser hair removal can work on a wide range of people regardless of ethnicity, but what is clearly known is that it will work best on dark hair. The reason for this is because the dark hair will be able to absorb the heat from the laser and get damaged. The laser can be very efficient on dark hair but the same cannot be said about other hair colors such as light brown, blonde, gray and white hair. The lighter hair colors do not have the same ability to absorb the laser, and can even be unaffected by it.

Even if the client is an excellent candidate for laser hair removal with the appropriate hair color, laser hair removal does not remove the hairs for good in one session. This does not mean that it didn’t work; it is just part of the procedure. After a laser session, some of the hair will definitely grow back. This is because laser hair removal can impossibly treat all hairs in one session and the reason for this is because hair growth occurs in three different stages with some hairs always being in the inactive phase. Only hairs that are visible to the eye can be treated. The rest of the hairs will be targeted in subsequent sessions.

After going on a laser hair removal consultation, if the client has been told to be a good candidate for this treatment, there is a big chance that laser hair removal will work in favor of the client. But while no one can guarantee that the hairs will never grow back, achieving a long term or partially permanent reduction of hair is highly possible. This possibility will increase with certain factors. If the practitioner who will be performing the treatment has many years of experience with laser hair removal, and if a new and advanced laser hair removal machine is being used, it will greatly increase the chance that laser hair removal will work. An individual with a hair color other than dark brown or black, may not want to spend time and money on laser hair removal but instead consider another hair removal solution such as electrolysis, which is widely recognized as permanent.

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