Laser Hair Removal — Pre Treatment Instructions

February 7, 2011 in Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is most definitely a quick and easy procedure, but does require some caution in form of following the pre treatment instructions given by the laser hair removal practitioner. The instructions are in place to protect the client’s skin as much as possible by taking certain steps. Ignoring the instructions can result in side effects or a less efficient session, but by closely following them a safe and pleasant treatment can be had every time.

The exact list of pre treatment instructions for a laser hair removal session will wary by clinic, but there are some general guidelines in place that are the result of many years of experience. One of the most common factors is to avoid all kinds of tanning about 4 weeks before a laser treatment, including tanning agents. While there are laser hair removal machines that can safely treat tanned skin, some experts believe that the best results will be obtained if the client allows their skin to be in its original tone prior to treatment. Tanned skin can interfere with and complicate the laser treatment, especially if the laser practitioner does not have a suitable laser machine on hand. Tanned skin can sometimes also have a mild burn or irritation, and lasering over it could lead to a more severe burn. Unless absolutely unavoidable, in which case the client would need to find a practitioner who lasers tanned skin, the consensus is to not tan prior to a laser hair removal session.

Another very important thing to remember is to not remove any hair from the follicle prior to a laser hair removal treatment. This means no tweezing, waxing or use of depilatories such as hair removal sprays. Hair removal should stop 4 weeks prior to treatment if it is on the body, and about 2 weeks before if it’s on the face, as facial hair grows faster. If the hair is not in place, it cannot be treated. While this might seem very inconvenient to someone who removes their hair on a frequent basis, good news is that shaving is allowed by most practitioners. However, some practitioners do want to see exactly how the hair grows, so it is best to ask in advance what their preference is. Bleaching must also not be done as the hair needs to stay dark in order for the laser to be efficient.

Any type of creams, lotions and sprays must also be discontinued before a laser hair removal treatment, as they can have a negative impact. If the client is not sure whether a certain product can be used, it is best to ask the practitioner during the consultation or by calling in before the scheduled session. The safety and effectiveness of a laser hair removal session largely depends on the co-operation of the client. The client should follow all instructions as closely as possible in order to stay safe and efficient and make the most of every treatment.

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